• Three Reports of Horrible Gay Bashings Reported in West Hollywood, In One Week

    October 26, 2011 6:24 pm 12 comments
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  • Our liberal affiliates at LA Weekly tipped us off to a shocking and unfortunate story in West Hollywood. In only one week, three seperate gay attacks have been reported, the gays left bruised, shimmied and crying after the horrendous attacks.

    Simoan Wilson reports:

    ​A recent string of violent attacks on gay men in West Hollywood has L.A.’s Boystown whispering “hate crime.”

    Though they’ve gotten no love from major media outlets, three men who claim to have been beaten in the streets of WeHo between October 19 and October 22 feel they were targeted based on their sexual preference.

    Now it’s one thing when God is slinging hurricanes at New York for their gay marriage laws or sending out wild, exotic animals in the middle of a farm community to bite gays, that’s all great and proof that God is not approving of gays.  It’s God’s job to be judge and jury, as is written in the Bible!

    But under no circumstances is it okay to actually attack a gay man with human fists.  Such barbaric behavior is such a shame and a testament to this abusive liberal society we call America.

    gay bashed.jpg
    WeHo Confidential
    Billy Mandrick

    First, on the night of Tuesday the 18th, clubgoer Billy Mandrick says he was “brutally attacked and robbed” after a night out at Mother Lode.

    The first victim has been identified as Billy Mandick.  This is just horrifying that people would do this.


    Billy tried to ignore the man and headed for the corner to cross the street. The man came closer, asking him where he was going and why he was out, repeatedly calling him a “f*cking faggot”. Billy began backing away from the man, apologizing for offending him.At that point the hater sucker punched Billy in the face, leaving a nasty bruise next to his eye, and continued with two or three more punches until Billy fell down at the curb. The attacker kicked Billy in the chest once and then Billy heard a second man say, “Thats enough, leave the fuckin’ queen alone, let’s go.” The attacker grabbed Billy’s cell phone and wallet and vanished.


    The attack was over six-feet-tall, had a bald, non-worker’s head and tattoos.  Sounds like an #OccupyHippieStreet protestor to me.

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    You can read Gail’s account of the other two men on her blog but my point here today is here. It’s never alright to physically hurt those around you. You can warn and condemn them, letting them know that being gay is against nature and that sizzling hellfire awaits those who have marinated their rear rump with musky Crisco marinations for easy access! Filthy sickos!

    But under no circumstance is this okay and I’ll be praying that whoever is behind these attacks gets a giant hemmorhoid, because that’s what they will be feeling as Don Satan has his way with them for all time for being abusive liberals.

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