• Tim Tebow Kissed a Man (Demaryius Thomas) and He Liked It

    October 25, 2011 10:45 pm 9 comments

    Tim Tebow Kiss A Man named Demaryius Thomas, Threw Miracle Pass Against the “Packers” in same game.  Is Tim Tebow using euphamism and gentle homosexual displays to come out to society?

    Right now in Heaven, Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath are weeping, their once proud sport of men who played in -20 degree weather and didn’t call penalties unless a bone had emerged from the non-padded body couldn’t be set back in place on the field.

    There was once a time football was a proud. A place for men to still battle like proper men. But now, in this time of liberalism and gender-bending men, we have seen the most moral and holy of athletes fall.

    Tim Tebow. God’s formerly favorite quarterback is falling harder than the Jesus denying Jewish kingdom in the eyes of our Holy Creator. Tebow was so revered that he was the spokesman athlete for Focus on the Family, trusted to berate and cripple the gay agenda with his celebrity. Now, we see that his center better be careful because he wants to hike something up his backside.

    What do you see here?  That’s called homosexuality, my friends.  Tim Tebow Kissed a man and he liked it.

    There are rumors that the name Broncos actually came from a locker room term, “Bucking Bronco”.  In homosexual fraternities like Sigma Nu Chi, they haze new members by making the newest inductee to the team play bronco while anyone who wants can have a ‘ride’ and be the rodeo cowboy.

    It’s all a sick mess and the bottom line is, there are those out there who say the Broncos have a homosexual element in their history and they are correct.

    The shocking moment came after Tebow completed a crucial pass in the Bronco’s last game against the Green Bay Packers.  The word “packers” has special connotation in the gay community, defined on homogayagenda.com as usually given to a man who has mastered the dominant seventh fingering position upon a power bottom, whatever that means.

    Tebow’s miracle pass almost seemed guided in by God himself, perhaps two angels dispatched to gently beat their winds and guide the football into the hands of a waiting receiver.  But here, we see the only receiver was good ol 88.  Which one is the power bottom?

    The Denver Bronco Kiss is shocking and raunchy.  You hate to see this sort of thing in the NFL but it’s been around for a while.

    Perhaps the most famous homosexual team that emerged where the 90s Raiders.  Being in proxy to West Hollywood, it was not uncommon for the team to have ‘male-male panty raids’.

    The Raiders have been long known in the NFL community as a gay brute team, frolicking about on the field like a group of meaty bears with propecia.

    While moving the Raiders from Los Angeles (namely Hollywood) to Oakland has reduced the incidence of homosexuality in their organization, we see the Broncos are the new team of shame.

    There are some Broncos fans who will try to deny this kiss ever happened.  They will cite that Tebow is a member of Focus on the Family and is known to pray and adorn his uniform with scripture.

    When they do this, remind them that even Satan can quote scripture.  And also, there is a little tidbit called video evidence.

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