• Tokidoki Barbie – The Hipstersexual Barbie

    October 19, 2011 4:28 pm 6 comments

    Liberals around the world must be cheering knowing their latest propaganda toy, Tokidoki Barbie, is hitting the toy stores right before Christmas. Barbie now has a tattoo running down her neck and chest, and another one on her arm. This is not an image we should be promoting to our children. People are claiming that their is nothing wrong with this “funky fashionista”, but God doesn’t like anything “funky” or “fashionista”. Especially when that funkiness leads to a lifestyle of booze and street drugs.

    Look at all the bad habits Tokidoki Barbie comes with:
    Hot pink mini skirt.
    Animal skin leggings.
    Covered in hipster and drug related tattoos.
    She comes with a gay friendly little cactus dog friend, Bastardino (Bastard in Italian).

    It only costs $36 to taint your daughters soul with this sinful toy.

    This list is a recipe for disaster that FEMA wouldn’t be able to clear up the moral mess that is about to be spewed onto the American daughter. I also sure, just like the Democrats and Obama-care, I’m sure the employees and board members at Mattle will be opting out of buying Tokidoki Barbie for their kids this Christmas.

    One mother worries -

    If I give it to [my daughter] she will think [tattoos are] okay. She may want to go get some.

    Mattle says -

    Their is nothing wrong with the tattooed Barbie: it’s a limited edition doll created especially for the adult collector, so there’s absolutely no chance it can inspire girls to want to get a tattoo.

    Ok, just like how GLEE doesn’t inspire young boys to become homosexuals.

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