• Tonya Cooley Video, Questions Raised after MTV Real World TV Star Allegedy Assaulted with Toothbrush

    October 29, 2011 3:32 am Comments Off
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  • Trouble is brewing for the world of reality tv after MTV’s Real World star Tonya Cooley claimed she was raped on camera, with a toothbrush.  The alleged video of this event exists and now people must ask, did MTV’s producers know this was happening and why was nothing done?

    The show being taped was The Real World/Road Rules challenge.  Tanya claims the men on the show were boisterous and unruly, their actions finally culminating in the assault on her person.

    According to website TMZ.com, Cooley maintains she was passed out cold and the tapes were rolling.  Producers knew that male members use a toothbrush to rub her intimate areas and insert it within her secret place.

    The allegations have not earned a response from MTV at time of report.  Cooley also alleged males were encouraged to inapproriately touch females during taping for the show.

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