• US Drones Hit By Communist Computer Virus

    October 8, 2011 4:22 am 1 comment
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  • The US military sustained an unprecedented attack, after discovering a ‘logger’ software had somehow been implented in the infallible Microsoft computer program used to operate America’s drone fleet over Afghanistan.

    Officials in Washington are shocked because the intruding software is novel, quickly replicating itself and even restoring itself after being purged from the drone’s operating system.

    President Obama has yet to issue a statement over this dangerous breech of national security, but it is known that the software is tracking the location and commands being entered by operators in America.    With Vladmir Putin slated to take the office of president in the USSR again, it is imperative the US considers the strong possibility of a resurged Cold War with Russia.

    No other nation has shown true sophistication or challenge to US might outside the Soviets.  Without the guidance of Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan, America is prime to forget the challenge presented by old-guard Soviets.  The Soviet Union only dropped the name only after trying to overthrow Gorbachev, to ensure an eternal hardline communist Russia.  Today, we may see the realization of the Uranium Union’s true desires:  world conquest and American domination.

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