• Wegiveadamn.org, Gays Now Using Nasty Words to Scare us into Voting Them as Legal

    October 11, 2011 9:11 am 17 comments
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  • In America, being gay is still illegal in the majority of states. Gays are responsible for most of the disease spread and backside attacks in this country, somewhere at a good 3/5. What’s even more terrifying is that even with all the statistics we’ve created against the gays, there are people who refuse to make being gay illegal in every single state.

    I know it’s shocking, but it’s true. The once great state of New York was the last to betray our duty to protect this nation, marriage and most importantly our children from the perverted appetite of homosexuals. Even after New York was struck down with a hurricane, they did not overturn the gay laws.

    Now with New York under their belt, the homosexuals are taking the gay agenda to all new levels. They are now taking aim at the Bible belt states of morality: Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota. Between all these great states, there are not even 1,000 gays living within them. Gays are a rare meat in these states and so it makes Satan lust for their flesh to increase even more.

    So with the help of Satan, these fecal wizards have crafted a new website named Wegiveadamn.org. The site has a bad word in it and they are already starting a targetted TV campaign in the moral states. How they got FCC approval for this is a matter of Obama politics, but the point is they now have the right to play these commercials in moral states and they are targetted at our children.

    Besides lusting for the young, gays also know the minds of youth are malleable. College students are so easily swayed by liberal professors and can be tricked into voting for even a gay president. The gays know older people understand why the gay boogeyman childsnatcher must be never legalized, but Mr. 18-year-old Know-it-all Squat-on-Wall-Street voter does not.

    The website and commercial allegedly have gays like Wanda Sykes, the loud-mouthed lesbo black gay, Ricky Martin, the Mexigay, Ellen Degeneres, the soft-faced humor madame of homosexuality and a handful of others. They all rub their body up with sensual Egyptian oils like frakencense on these commercials, slipping into a giant pit of rubbed bodes and body moans. It all happens on their website.

    Then, they tell “if you want to see more things like this, vote all gay legislators and politicians and we will reveal our oiled bodies to you for free. We give a dam*.” This type of lusty marketing is typical of gays, using the body for their pleasure and to trick everyone into their agenda. Let’s all boycott this site and say no to gays.

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