• While listening to dubstep for the first time i was possessed.

    October 24, 2011 8:20 pm 17 comments
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    A few months ago a friend had an unnamed dubstepper song playing in his home, the beats and sounds were horrid and i felt as though my soul was being pulled from my body and my stomache and insides felt twisted and inflamed. later that night while i slept i began to have night mares of a family being mauled by alien bears the size of a hummer. when i awoke i could tell something was diffrent about me, i had an erection first thing in the morning and i knew that a demon had possessed my soul so i began screaming and clawing at it and jerking it as hard as i could and something, i dont know what but something secreeted from my fully erect penis and went in my eye. it was the demon, he had now taken control of my brain and with that full control of my body. I dont remember much from before i woke up in the hospital strapped to a bed with the armed police officers securing my room, but it made me feel safe. that evening i found out i had been possessed for 3 days during wich i murdered half of my church congregation with a home made flame thrower after i locked them in during sunday service and following that i released deadly mustard gas into a childrens hospital and ate the dead childrens remains. parents if you learn anything from this story please i beg you please dont let your children believe rediculous christian propaganda such as that on this web site because its a waste of your time and they will probably get beat up at school for calling someone evil or a sinner. hell i know id kick your kids asses. DUBSTEP RULES XANDALI PRODUCTIONS SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY XANDER AND MARTIN YALL DOIN BIG THINGS BOYS WOOT WOOT.

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