• Why Do Missing White Babies Get So Much Attention?

    October 6, 2011 6:43 pm 111 comments
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    Bishop T.J.


    I got a problem today America.  When is the last time you saw a missing black baby get his or her precious little face put on every single news channel, with interview after interview, and a national search campaign?  If you said yesterday, you’re a lie!

    Because in the midst of Conrad Murray trying to get away with injecting Michael Jackson with Propofol, and every little awkward haired teenager acting like their daddy Steve Jobs just passed away, there has been one story that has been constantly on tv in between.  The search for precious baby Lisa Irwin.

    Do not get me wrong, America.  I have compassion for this baby and I hope and pray she is returned safely home to her parents.  I woke up today at 5:30 am to pray for my family and this nation, and who did I see on tv?  Some news station was interviewing the exhausted parents of this child, who were tearful and making pleas for the safe return of their little angel.

    Hours later, I looked again at a tv, and there were Mom and Dad.  Interviewed on Fox News.  Then HLN.  Then CNN.  These media moguls were taking turns with these exhausted parents, who of course took every opportunity to plead for the life of this precious little girl.

    But not since the days of roots and blood hounds were sent to search down Kunta Kinte have we seen any fervor in searching for a black child.  Look even to Aruba.  Natalie Holloway.  We cannot stop talking about her.  Little Jon Benet?  We all watched Elizabeth Smart return safely home after endless media to ensure her safe return.

    The return of every missing child is truly precious, but why do we never see a missing Mexican child, a missing Asian child, a missing black child.

    There was never big media coverage for Dannariah Finley or Tionda Bradley.  Why not?  Was their hair not blonde enough, America?  Maybe their parents tears don’t get as much sympathy in this land of equality.

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    Today I’m angry because American media even fails at fairly giving attention to children who need the most help.  I find it disgusting and a social crime to not give black children the same as whites in these situations.

    Why do white children get more media attention than blacks?

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    Bishop T.J. Born and raised in South Chicago, Bishop Trotter is a political analyst and champion for American injustice, an activist for equality and a religious leader ALL people.

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