• Wild Demon Turkey Chases California Reporter

    October 10, 2011 5:18 am 26 comments
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    There are spoiled brats in this country who say we don’t need the Second Amendment. If you want to see these yuppies up close, just go to Wall Street and look at all the spineless protestors of Democracy!

    My anger is fired today my friends and we see America is still largely untamed. Much like in the most savage fields of the Africas, we still have great beasts that dwell freely in our country! Crack black addicts! Alligator-mauling feral cats! Democrats! Muslims! Wild grizzlies! Pumas! You name, we have it.

    It is for this reason that I thank my forefathers every day by hunting as many animals I can! And with thanksgiving coming up, what better thing to hunt than a turkey. Nows, a liberal reporter out in California tried to actually claim that it was inhumane to kill a turkey

    She wanted to prove that a turkey is a gentle animal and can think. She was a vegan, the fecal fingered malnourished liberals whose musty handling caused the deadly listeria outbreak ravaging our country.

    Well, this liberal got a crash course lesson in the Constitution. There is a reason God ordained all Americans to have a right to bear arms and this is it. This wild turkey is deadly! I wish I was on the scene, because I would have turkey called it right over and cried with joy as I blasted its head off with my shiny shotgun. Enjoy and when I make my thanksgiving hunt this year, I’ll post the episode on here.

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