• Women, and why they are People.

    October 7, 2011 9:02 am 28 comments

    Face it, without a woman in their lives, without a woman on the planet, all men would be alone, or homosexual. It’s a simple fact of life, and if you think otherwise then your WRONG. As a proud Man, I love everything about women, and they aren’t wrong for thinking what they want without a mans permission. Women are people, and thats what feminism believes in, despite what other users have wrote, feminism doesn’t mean the belief that women are men, it’s that women are EQUAL to men. And they are in society, outside those southern close minded, racist, sexist, extremist, church groups. A women is not a evil temptress, sent forth from the fiery depths of Hell like so many of you seem to believe, and if you call this arrogant, than really look whos talking. A single mother can still provide for their children like a man would, and cook, clean, and raise their children properly. A single father would have much more difficulty, as nation wide statistics have proven time and time again. And along with that, the justice system favours mothers as the primary care givers to a child over a father, making single mothers much more common than fathers.
    A woman can have a same, average, buisness oriented job as a man, and still stay on top of taking care of everything else. A man would have much more difficulty with this if they were alone.
    In reality, we depend on each other, one without the other would be difficult on both sides, but statistically easier for a woman.
    Women are people, women are intelligent, and women don’t NEED a man. The same goes for men, just face the facts of reality, a women is a person. And can think for themselves without being “Sinful” and can dress themselves without being a “temptress” like so many men disbelieve. Women’s power and influence has grown enourmously in the past century, and in the next, I really hope to see us considered complete equals, by all societys, countries, and religions.
    Women are capable, beautiful, intelligent, people. Who are just as smart and capable as any man.
    Equal rights, and Godbless!

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