• Yet Another Reasons Cats Cannot Be Trusted: Simon’s Cat, Cat Man Do

    October 18, 2011 12:54 pm 3 comments

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    Sandra O'connor


    In this video from a fellow illustrator’s series named Simon’s Cat, we see the evil of felines once again revealed.

    Cats are creatures that masquerade as innocent pets, but deep down within their little mewing busoms hisses the fiery soul of Satan. Cat-lovers will disagree and lie, saying this is untrue and biased. But if you ever get in proxy to a cat, first pray and then try this experiment.

    Pull its tail. Rub its flank a bit. The cat will snap and try to bite you and then even let out a hiss, sounding just like a snake. The very snake that hissed at the Garden of Eden. The very snake that inspired the souls of Hitler, Hussein, Amin and scores of other men of great evil. Friends, cats are of Satan and if you look close enough, you can see that fact is very clear.

    In this video, we see what cats do when a person sleeps. They plot unspeakable volumes of evil and if house cats were big enough, they would try to eat you dead. There are countless stories of cats suffocating children and while abortion loving liberals may not find that so bad, but in the land of reality, we can see why these animals should be placed in the list of ‘extinct’.

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