• YouTube Breality100 Video Dancer Casts Sin Over Entire Family with Justin Bieber

    October 8, 2011 6:24 am 9 comments
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    In today’s proof that Satan can use music to infect your family, we see a YouTube user named Breality100 is gyrating to the sinful sounds of the coital croonster Justin Bieber. Bieber is a Candian boy recruited by 80s crack users turned hip hop moguls to snatch the knickers right of your child’s soul! How horrible is it that we have parents letting their children sing and dance to Justin Bieber.

    I could only wish it was the 1600s, because I would find the biggest vats of alum and make every one of these no good singers drink and drink until their vocal chords were ruined. There would be no autotuning because I would have already burned every Hollywood studio!

    But liberal laws forbid justice these days. Obama’s hoochie momma laws have lowered the crime time for snorting crack cocaine so rappers using Canadian flesh as a money bait must seem pretty tame in comparision. Look at how even the little brother is enticed in this video.

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