• YouTube Gaddafi Death Video Is Causing Some Controversy

    October 21, 2011 4:43 am 3 comments
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  • The full, unedited version of the cell phone video capturing Gaddafi’s last moments and death is now available on YouTube.  The Youtube Gaddafi death video has sent many people celebrating, as another Middle East dictator has fallen.  Obama was 100% right when he warned “You may be next!” in a United States presidential roar not heard since President George W. Bush vowed to smoke Saddam straight into hell, Texan mesquite flavored for all of Satan’s lapdogs.  And it was so.

    Liberals are naturally complaining, saying the YouTube Gaddafi death video is not very nice and that Moammar Gaddafi must be treated with more respect.

    Gaddafi is a war criminal. I would have tried his corpse and saw it beaten if I were seated on the NTC. What a great display for Halloween, perhaps right in the center of the Mad Dog’s hometown. A Gaddafi corpse zombie, all nice and plucked by the very people he tortured, killed and forced to live under his will for 4 decades.

    Gaddafi’s Crimes Against Humanity most recently include the Libyan Civil War you witnessed, where Mad Dog murdered between 2,000 and 10,000 Libyans who were demonstrating and demanding freedom. In one instance, Gaddafi ordered a cluster bomb to be dropped in a civilian area to demoralize citizens and we can see the lucky survivors:

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