• Zachary Quinto Joins the Gay Agenda, Ruins Vulcan Logic for Millions of Star Trek Fans

    October 17, 2011 12:15 pm 44 comments

    The smug, knowing grin of homosexual perversion filling his countenance, Zachary Quinto confirms that he likes to backside meld with men. Mr. Spock of the new Star Trek franchise has come out as a gay.

    A tragic blow to the perfect utopia of Star Trek was felt today after Zachary Quinto announced that he’s joining the gay agenda. Quinto, the actor who played the legendary Vulcan Mr. Spock in the new Star Trek film, stands to ruin the franchise of Gene Rodenberry by announcing he likes to boldy go where no normal man has gone before.

    The shocking news has sent massive ripples of celebration through the gay community, them proudly staking their claim poles in this once fine actor.  Popularized on television show Heroes, Quinto is an actor best known for his ability to bring serious gravity and presence to a role.  No, this ability will be compromised as gays cannot command that fierce, ice-cold machismo that a true man who likes women can do.

    I used to like Star Trek but now every time I see an episode, I’ll no that Captain Kirk’s overracting may have been due to being disgusted by the illicit canoodling between Mr. George “Zulu Fleshspear” Takei and Mr. Spock in the Enterprise C’s most secret steam rooms.

    It looks like in the age old question of which is better space franchise, Star Trek or Star Wars, George Lucas and friends got another point of pride.

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