• Zombie Tattoo Boy Rick Genest Cleans up Act for Dermablend and Dissapoints Black Veiled Bride Fans

    October 21, 2011 8:05 pm 19 comments

    Zombie Tattoo boy Rick Genest is the latest person to have capitalism help him find the way to morality. Rick Genest cleaned up his act and got rid of the tattoos, becoming the new lead model for dermablend. As you know, tattoos are patently evil things to put on your body. Each bit of ‘ink’ represents a signed deal with Satan. It corrupts the body and soul a bit for every tattoo a person puts on the body.

    With but a bit of ink on the small of your back, you’re a tramp. Just a little rose petal on the foot: you can wave that dream job at the law firm good-bye. People who are seasoned and moral do not have tattoos. Just look at all the thugs in the NBA. Their arms are pathetic, surely not the dream their mothers had for them as they worked two jobs just to put food before their inappreciative mouths on the welfare table.

    Just look at this now and before:

    Freed from Sin:

    Flawless: Ricky Genest also known as Zombie Boy stars in a new video campaign for DermaBlend concealer

    Original Sin:

    Doesn’t he look better without all those Satanic symbols on the body?  Look side by side, Rick Genest looks great as the dermablend spokesperson.


    Flawless: The make-up revealed how the performer would look without his trademark tattoosFlawless: The make-up revealed how the performer would look without his trademark tattoos


    The Black Veiled Brides have not responded to comments of what they will do now that their drummer has cleaned up his act.

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