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  • 7online Unclaimed money has millions of people rightfully jumping with excitement. Each and every year, millions of Americans have money sitting around that they do not know about. The government banks that most people will not file a claim for their money, usually a total that nets over $1 billion dollars.

    7online was the newest source with a tutorial on how you can look for unclaimed funds that may have your name written on them, and unless your name is Warren Buffet or Richey McRicheyHeimerstein, you probably could use some extra dough in your wallet.

    Sometimes unclaimed money comes in the form of forgotten accounts or forgotten benefits. Others may be from inheritance or funds owed back. Every state is required to keep a database of money that may be yours. To put things in perspective, New York state currently has $11 billion dollars of money that has not been claimed by anyone.

    For those living here in New York, please check out the following site. Connecticutt and New Jersey have also freshly updated their state databases to reflect accurate tallies on if you have some money waiting for you. Good luck!

    New York Unclaimed Funds



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