• 8 Steps To Being A Better Illegal Mexican

    November 14, 2011 12:15 pm 56 comments
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  • I was just shopping for groceries at my local Wal-Mart, as I was leaving there was a little mexican kid laying on the floor crying in mexican jibberish at the check out lane.

    I thought to myself, “The Gaul of these mexicans! To come here illegally and and then be so open about it! Openly flaunting their breaking of the national law in such an open manner.” I am disgusted. As many oft readers of Christwire know, mexicans get on my nerves. I guess you could call me the resident mexican expert here at christwire, so I started thinking about how they could be less annoying.

    Step 1: Stop coming here!
    It is that simple! It is against the law, you are breaking that law!

    Step 2: Learn English
    No American or even LEGAL immigrant wants to hear your yappy yappy jibberish language. English. Do you speak it? If not learn it.

    Step 3: Control your children
    Why do you even have so many dang kids? Do mexican women not know how to say no? Are you like rabbits? How can you have so much “Gagging the baby sewer” when you live in a one room mobile home with 10 kids already? What are you teaching those kids? To turn their “Front Business” in to mexican jumping baby incubation units. And speaking of your litter of little chorizos, stop letting them wallow in the floor at Wal-Mart! Have some decency about yourself.

    Step 4: Stop taking American jobs
    There are enough American jobs in China, India and Honduras…where ever that is. Get your own jobs in your own country.

    Step 5: Stop loitering at Home Improvement Stores
    I can’t drive thru the Home Depot parking lot to get to the red light at the shopping center without rude little mexicans yelling that yappy yappy mess at me. Yes My Jeep SRT8 has lumber in it, yes I am building a deck. No you can;t build it for me. That is what grand children are for.

    Step 6: Enough with the mexican restaurants
    it used to be that there was a nice mexican place in your neighborhood. The price was good and the food was good. The owners were legal and they kept all the illegals locked up in the kitchen. but now there is a taqueria on every street corner. There is always a greasy lillle family of wetbacks sweating into the food. And that same little whiny mexican kid that was wallowing around on the floor at Wal-Mart is tossing the veggies on there. Since none of them have a business license or pay taxes none of them are rated by the health board.

    Step 7: Stop putting mexican flags on everything
    This is America, if you want to be in mexico eat some of that refried bean dip and rocket propel your lazy sombrero wearing butt back over there. I don’t want to see your mexican pride plastered all over the place.

    Step 8: Stop being catholic
    How many times do I have to say this? Catholicism is not a christian religion? Just like Mormonism is not Christianity either. If you want to fit in become Baptist or even Methodist would be fine, I suppose.

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