• A Holy Video Game To Save Non-Believers Continued….

    November 28, 2011 6:48 pm 2 comments
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    I am writing yet again on the subject of “The Legend of Zelda” a very obviously Christian game, carefully planned and advertised. Now a backlash has come from the non-believers who have come to the realization that they have “sullied” their Athiest ways by playing this masterpiece of a video game.

    What I want to address now is that this game only has ever had “Spiritual” undertones to trick you non-believers into playing. This is a very clearly Christian video game as you can read about in my previous article. A feminist went so far as to say that “Link” (the chosen christian of the game) is “DEFINITELY the gayest superhero ever!”

    First off, he’s a games hero, not superhero, get your facts right. He’s not superman or batman, he’s Link.

    Throughout the games he wears a green tunic, and in the time frame of Hyrule, men wear tunics, as we once all did not to long ago.

    This is not homosexual, it could only be seen as homosexual if a man were to walk around in a tunic and trousers today.

    Now I know many parents have already agreed to buy the newest game “Skyward Sword” but you should realize that in this game you do not fight “Ganondorf” but you fight the man he once was, which was equally evil, just don’t be confused when your child defeats another version of Satan. But on a side note, that is probably the greatest of these Christian masterpieces that is actually very obviously (like neon billboard obvious) a biblical allegory!

    I personally recommed Zelda “Ocarina of Time 3D” As it is played on a handheld device, so if you wish to watch your daily Christian television programming, you do not have to break the hearts of your children by telling them they have to take a break from thwarting Satan’s plans. If you feel the latter is fine and wish to watch them play through Skyward Sword’s puzzles and epic quests then by all means do so! Join along on their ride to saving the peose from, both new and old. And all bring you through an epic quest to rid the world of Evil!

    On one final note, Link is not killing living beings, he is sending the farmiliars of Satan back to where they came from. And parents, if you feel appaled by anything in these games, I encourage you to message me, as I believe you will find it quite simple to see the endless biblical allegories!

    So I ask once again, will you kids be the Hero of Time?


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