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    November 13, 2011 6:44 pm 14 comments
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  • I’ve already posted something about Christofer Drew, but I feel I need to post again. He is the best example of a TRUE christian. All of you people continue to be hateful, judgmental, and rude liars. If God’s upset about anybody it’s not bronies, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, and all of the other bands and their fans that you have insulted on this website; it’s close-minded morons like Susan, August, Bruce, and their little friends.

    Growing up was hard for him but he made it through and has no regrets. He was born in SanDiego and lived there until he was 2. He then moved to Portland and lived there until he was 5. He grew up in Joplin, MO. His parents’ names are Nancy Keifner and Edward Ingle. His mother taught him about life and love. His father taught him about music and how to be a man. His parents have recently divorced (August of ’09), which inspired his new song “What Is Love”. He has an older brother named David who is an artist. He has two younger sisters. Hannah is 18 and off to college. He is paying for her tuition. Sarah is his 15-year-old sister. She inspired his song “15”. Chris’ high school life was rough. He got picked on for not playing football. He did, although, run track, cross country, and thought about tennis as a career for a while. His father was big into tennis. He would stay home half the time and make music. Then; he got dropped out of school. That is sometimes the hardest thing for him to tell people. He doesn’t want anyone to think that dropping high-school is a good thing. At about 13, he started getting interested in the guitar. He learned how to play on his dad’s guitar. His 16th year was a busy one. That year, he started Never Shout Never. He became a vegetarian that year as well. He’s always had low self-esteem and been depressed in his teens. His parents weren’t pleased with all his behavior, so they kicked him out. Nick Smith dropped out of school with him to help support him and because he believed in him. He spent 3 months living in his car and friend’s couches. He got back on his feet with the help of his friends and band mates. His music brought him through his hard times.

    Chris has many tattoos. He got his first one when he was 16 in a trailer park. That tattoo is on his right wrist. It says “faith” in Hebrew. The peace sign on his left foot symbolizes how he tries to walk in peace every day. He has double bands on his biceps and the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega on his forearms. The Alpha is on his right forearm and the Omega is on his left. Alpha and Omega symbolize beginning and end. There is a sun on his right shoulder and a crescent moon on his left, also symbolizing the beginning and end. He has a live tree just under the sun on his right bicep above the bands. He has a dead tree just under the moon on his left bicep above the bands. There is a black bird with its wings spread on the both of his forearms just under his elbow. On both of his elbows, he has a yin-yang sign. He just recently got two new tattoos on his wrists on April 22 in front of about one thousand of his fans. Each is made up of a band, dots all the way around, another band, two circles inside each other, and another band. Inside the right circle is the Chinese symbol for the eternal Tao and inside the left circle is the Chinese symbol for peace and harmony. The tattoos face in. Chris has an anchor on each hand. The design is intricate and detailed. His right hand has his mom’s initials, “N. K.” His left hand has his father’s, “E. I.” His right knuckles have the word “LIVE” across them and his left have “FREE”. On his right thigh is a treble clef that usually extends all the way to his knee so you can see it in the knee holes of his jeans. A bass clef is on his left thigh and doesn’t extend as far down. Across his chest just under his collar bone reads “Love is my Weapon”. Under that, taking up the rest of his chest, is a dove with its wings spread. This symbolizes peace in his heart. Probably his least known tattoo is the word “TRUTH” on the inside of his bottom lip. Teeny-tiny stars inside his Chinese tattoos were first spotted in his “join the revolution” picture of him pouring cookie crisps that he posted on June 5th. He’s said his body is a canvas and he’s gonna “put his body to shame”. So, there are many more to come.

    Chris loves hats. Each hat symbolizes a phase in his life. His navy blue pilot hat symbolized him being on autopilot. His white sailor hat symbolized him being lost at sea. His bear symbolizes him being a wiley kid and just havin fun. His raccoon hat was the last one he wore. He has not yet talked about what it means to him. He hasn’t worn a hat since he cut his hair.

    Another accessory he is never seen without are his bracelets. He only wears them on his left wrist. Every time you see him, he’ll have more and/or different ones. He normally has many on at one time. Most are gifts from fans that are thrown to him while onstage. He shows how much he cares about his fans by wearing them.

    His style is very unique. He is strongly influenced by the Bob Dylan and Beetles era. They influence everything he does; his music, style, mood, and behavior.

    He is single. His favorite color is green; the color of life. He is 5’11”. He is left-handed, but plays with his right. His gauges are 7/8 and he is planning on going to 1 inch. His least favorite song of his is “Trouble” and his favorite song is “On The Brightside”. “Harmony” is another one of his favorites. He just writes songs to get emotions or thoughts out of his mind; not for money. He doesn’t want to be famous-he hates cameras-although he would love for his music to touch as many people as possible. He was offered a contract with Disney when he was 16, but turned it down because he’s not a sellout. He’s stayed true to who he is and his beliefs. He believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. He loves everyone and respects their beliefs. He does not go to church. He hasn’t been since he got kicked out when he was 16. He does love his Jesus though. He has a strict vegan diet. It was a little difficult to get used to, but now his body feels great! Also; it keeps him slim. Being vegan on tour has been hard, so he has gone back to vegetarianism for now. He has an apartment in Joplin where he lives with one of his best friends; Carter Hulsey. He loves talking to his fans and loves to hear how we view life and such. He loves the people that have enough guts to come and converse like regular people with him. He got a live band so he could take some of his best friends on tour with him. It makes the whole experience a little more fun. He knows some of us hate it, but you haters have to understand that he does what makes him and his best friends happy. Not you. He is 100% straight. He has been called gay ever since he started playing music. He assures us though, that he likes women. He has had the same girlfriend for about 2 and a half years on and off-they have officially broken up since Jan or Feb ’10. He changes with each day. He takes steps forward and back. He tries to grow like a tree, and hopes that he can reach his full potential by the end of this short life. Change is good, but growth is better. He hopes to have a rebirth with this new album. He would love to put out this record under “Christofer Drew”; but he still needs to work out some logistics. He has about thirty songs written and ready to record; but unfortunately…he must choose. The new sound is going to be a little more folk-driven. Since he was about thirteen; he has always been a very heart-broken person. He mostly only listened to melancholy or depressing music. Although, as he started to get a couple more years on him, he started to develop a love for feel-good music. He thinks in a sense; it fills the void. He just wants to create music that makes people feel. It doesn’t always have to be happy, but he always wants there to be emotion behind the music. He can’t completely speak for his family; but at first, they were a little more startled than anything. He literally dropped out of high school out of nowhere and hit the road. He got kicked out of his house for a little bit, but as his parents saw that he was genuinely working towards a goal; they happily welcomed him back. As of now, his family is unbelievably supportive. He misses them everyday, and hopes that he can make them proud. The reason he practices positivity is because there is no reason not to. This life is literally exactly what you make it. You can look up, or you can look down. He chooses to always look up. He smiles instead of frowns.

    Christofer Drew is an inspirational guy. He is a role model in so many ways even though he doesn’t think so. He has been through what so many other teens have been through and has learned from it. He tries to spread peace and love to everyone that will listen. He is so REAL with his fans and doesn’t hide anything. That way, we know who he is as a person. He lets us all in and shares what’s in his brain on a normal basis.

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