• A Voice Bronie Gets Lippy With ChristWire (George Takei)

    November 4, 2011 2:59 am 9 comments
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  • New YouTube analysis reveals one of the gay agenda’s front men, the nefarious wormhole bandit George Takei of Star Wars fame, has apparently taken his new frontier to join up with an odd cult of men who call themselves ‘bronie’.

    Adorning their bodies in golden, shimmering pony dust and wildly thrashing the wild locks of their head manes back and forth in unabashed furor, stamping cloven feet and dancing in weird, bared rituals under nighttime moons, the bronies movement seems some weird, terrifying mix of Wiccanism and outright infatuation with the television show My Little Pony.

    With the buzzy, bass tremelo that only an Asian man’s vocals warmed by the hearty broths of homosexual marination can muster, Takei issues a stern, taunting voice rendering of our Chris C’s expose into the weird bronie lifestyle.   While analysts cannot fully confirm this is Takei, the similarities between the powerful, present voices are too much to not be coincidence.

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