• America Must Nuke Iran To Make Point to the World

    November 6, 2011 2:06 pm 41 comments
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  • For too long now Arab countries and their liberal panderers have grown too comfortable questioning the authority of America.  The nuclear bomb was invented by American scientists to scrub the world clean of a Jap-Nazi threat.  It is too bad that ungrateful bigots do not realize that by the power of the nuclear bomb, America ushered in an era of unprecedented peace and wars between major countries since the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan to America.

    Stalin’s Soviet aggression and dreams for a genocidal empire were crushed by America’s nuclear might and to this day, we keep our allies armed and primed to strike any nation we deem necessary.

    Arabs hate nothing more than God’s people, Israel.  Throughout the Bible, we saw Satan whisper into the ears of his Muslim henchmen on Earth, trying to get them to wipe out the children of Israel.  My, my Ahmadinejad, what big ears you have!  The better to hear Satan with, you say?

    The Arabs are nothing but a pack of ravaging wolves, trying to destroy the innocent lambs of Christ.  After their antics of trying to wipe out Israel in years past, to the denial of the holocaust, it would be criminal to not arm Israel with the best of America’s weaponry.  If Israel needs to defend itself from these heathen Persian-Arabs, so be it.

    But there is a bigger issue.  As Iran struggles to build their first nuke so they can create 9/11 on a bigger scale, wrecking the economies of the west in the fallout, America must remember one thing.  We need no nation’s permission to nuke an enemy.

    During World War II, the world sat back in awe, fear and jealousy after they saw us flex our power in Japan.  It was President Teddy Roosevelt who correctly instructed, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick!”  There is no stick greater than a nice stick of plutonium powering an American nuclear warhead, hushing the voices of the enemy anywhere we deem it to strike.

    What a great world this would be without Iran.  Iraq has fallen before the might of America, though their greedy and ungrateful people still deny us free access to the oil we liberated from genocidal Saddam Hussein.  We’ve cleaned Afghanistan of bin Laden, yet still, they murder our troops who are trying to bring them freedom by wiping out Hamas.  Even our allies betray us by not condemning all Palestinians into Indian-styled reservations where they belong.

    Enough is enough!  Harry Truman was the first American to have the gall to use our right to be a sovereign nation who only answers to God.  We must follow his example and do what works, we must make an example out of Iran to not only restore America’s honor, but to also restore our wealth, might and favor before God!

    This is not an issue of religion, as bigot Muslims will claim.  The Crusades are long over and the Moors trampled under the hooves of their masters for nearly 1,000 years now.  But now, there is a bigger issue here.  We must give Tehran the Hiroshima treatment.

    Not until America reasserts our dominance over these mangy mutts who dare defy our authority to tell them they cannot build nukes, we will not get the respect we deserve.  If we nuke Iran, Iraq will fear us greatly.  They will freely give us our oil we earned by the barrel.  The UN will cower before the powerful voice of the US President, begging for alms for whatever foolish 3rd world projects they see as vital.  Vladmir Putin will learn to shut his damned mouth if not spoken to by the world’s only superpower.

    Nuke Iran, I say.  Nuke it all!  These little political cartoons that jab at Israel for sharing in their God-given right and privilege to be America’s allies are indicative of rebellion.  It is time for the master to take his throne.  It’s time for the lion king to proudly rule over his pride of lesser nations once again.

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