• An Investigative Report on gifted education, Satan’s new sinfest

    November 13, 2011 3:46 pm 20 comments
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    In 1920, jewish psychiatrist Sigmund Fraud invented the IQ test to please doctors and professors by giving them superiority complexes by telling them that their children are awesome, incredible people because they can solve puzzles. Little did the man know how perverse the IQ system would become. In the IQ system, a person has to do tests and puzzles and is then assigned a number that defines their intelligence. The average number is 100, and genius is 140+. The IQ is biased by race because 70% of “geniuses” are orientals and only .0001 % is afro-saxon. 40% of “geniuses” is jewish, and 58% are atheists. .21% are Christian. I must certainly not be the only person who sees the problems with this.


    In gifted education, children with above average IQ scores are shoe-horned into a class of other “special” kids to develop their atheism. These children are taught subjects like calculus and evolution because gifted education is secretly controlled by the satanist agenda. Now let’s do an analysis of the words smart and satan. S-M-A-R-T. S-A-T-A-N. Both have the letters S, A, and T. What are the SATs? Standardized achievement tests for college. Who does well on those tests? GIFTED KIDS. It all makes sense.

    Gifted education denies Jesus's prophecies.

    Gifted education wants you to think some people are inherently better than others. NOT TRUE. In Mark 7:12, Jesus says that “All Man shall be equal”. Therefore, nobody is smarter than anybody else. Gifted education wants people to think that they are smarter then other people. Gifted education is for divisiveness, not unity under Christ. Fitting, considering the blatant atheist agenda gifted education supports.

    A picture of every

    Gifted education makes certain kids think there special. Again, all Man is equal under Christ. These children become self-entitled hipster-sexuals, or at least the ones who aren’t afflicted with crippling autistic social skills from too much time spent on the interweb on websites like 4chan and reddit. Because these children are taught that they basically have the intelligence that most people don’t have because there parents are Christ-denying, science supporting Mds, engineers and PhDs who taught them math in the womb. These chidlren are most of the time asain and/or jewish, both of which are ethnicities that believe they are special because of the “hardships” they’ve overcome and the firm mindcontrol they have on the world.

    How children should be taught

    Here is my message to all Christians. Boycott and protest all gifted schools or programs in your state. Homeschool your children, and pursuade all of your friends from church to do the same. Educate your children on why gifted education is evil and on the fundamental sameness of all Mankind. Ensure your children aren’t being fooled by the “smart” kids into thinking that they must be non-conformists or atheists. It is a united effort that will get rid of this terrible thinking, once and for all!

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