• Anti-Hermain Cain Homosexuals Continue Childish Racism

    November 5, 2011 8:56 pm 18 comments
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  • Disturbing image where gays insinuate Herman Cain is felating a policy of sexualized scandals and homosexual oppression.  The bottom right seems to have some suggestive rodent and the lettering for “Laughs Out Loud”, a teenager internet jargon, is above a heart and the letters JMG to presumably stand for Joe My God, the moral ravaging chief proctologist of the homosexual movement.

    Republican front-man and anti-gay crusader Herman Cain has been victimized by bigoted gays ever since he came out to support the Federal Defense of Marriage Act.  The act protects Americans from homosexuality by making it against America’s law to officially condone wedded gays.

    If America were to allow gays to freely marry on a federal scale, they would take that inch and shove it a proverbial mile through the tightly clad sphincter of Lady Liberty’s decency.  It is the habit of homosexuals to sodomize everything in their path and no man, woman or child is safe from their drug-fueled passions.

    Herman Cain is a man of good character and judgment.  He is a viable candidate to lead America and be the nation’s first true black president.   Democrats are natural racists and do not want a real black man in office.  The DNC paid for Obama’s slogan to resemble Pepsi and tried all sorts of ‘feel good’ household techniques to convince America that Obama was a black president and that we were seeing history in the making.

    The fact of the matter is that Obama’s mother was a white woman who travelled about the globe and Obama’s father a Harvard man.  That hardly sounds like the roots struggle Martin Luther King, Jr., a Republican mind you, dreamt about when one day he hoped a black man could be president.

    Gay people want to usurp the ‘entitlement’ that blacks receive for their own selfish needs.  As mentioned many times, gays are selfish and paltry.  Their actions were warned about in the book of Romans and they will be judged for not only their pelvic pounding disgraces to nature, but also their petty, vain pandering to their wanton desires of the flesh and hair products.

    This childish image above is the latest in a series of attacks against the Moral Right perpetuated by gays like Joe My God, who uses the Oppenheimer technique to try to subvert our authority and creduality in these trying times.  Drawing a giant penis over the mouth of Cain to insinuate he’s inseminated with a mouthful of spittled rhetoric is just childish, gays.  Notice they are also using “Ol Massah’s” white phallacy glyphs in this image to imply domination over the ‘black’ slave.

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