• Atheists Create Land Walking Octopus to trick More Children into Bogus Evolutionary Beliefs

    November 23, 2011 10:25 pm 37 comments
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    Pat Heinkel

    If there were one word used to describe atheists, it would be ‘deceptive’.  Atheists are people who use all sorts of bogus and flattering word to describe themselves and their fascist movement to destroy religious freedom in America.

    One of the biggest lies of atheism has to do with evolution.  Atheists believe that at some point in time, somehow a ‘magical’ Big Bang occurred from nothing, because nothing existed and when that happens ‘magic’ explosions must occur.  They call this the flux string theory.

    As if that’s not all bogus enough for the rational mind, atheists then claim that somehow from a magical explosion, life just randomly mutated and came into existence.  Do an experiment.  Put a big pile of nothing in the center of a sterilized room.  Leave.  Come back a year later.  Tell me if you see any life there throwing a big party. 

    Atheists are walking contradictions whose thoughts violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  If matter cannot be created or destroyed, then how did a magical ‘big bang’ from nothing create life?  And if life just ‘randomly’ occurred, then how can something as non-random as DNA replication and intricate evolutionary developments exist?

    Atheists have no answers for these questions.  Their modern existence is only to serve making money and to litigate religious freedom, so as to destroy a great system of life for billions of people worldwide.  Since atheists know their outlandish views will be rejected by even children, they try to shut rational explanations for existence such as Creationism out of school, then create hybrid monstrosities to ‘trick’ children into their belief systems.

    This is the type of nonsense that’s in your child’s classroom today. 

    The octopus, a sea creature, is walking on land. Not only is this a gross misconduct of genetic bioethics, it is only dangerous. Atheists have created this ‘land walking’ creature to ‘prove’ to the weak-minded that evolution exists. They are trying to say, “See, random moving protozoa can evolve the ability to walk. This is how water planaria and other organisms developed into eukaryotes that swam and then walked on land!’

    They will take their far fetched, non-empirical theories and then shove in talk of monkeys making with cavemen and saying that we are descended from lemurs, claiming their ‘carbon dating’ proves that protoman and monkey mated to create modern homosapiens.

    It’s all really farfetched and frustrating. I wish I knew the location of the ‘walking on land octopus’, because I would shoot it and burn it, making sure all its proteins were denatured and beyond replication. A creature such as the octopus, walking on land, would be deadly for naturally occuring creatures.

    What if the Chinese got hold to this technology and bred billions of these things to cripple Floridas already unbalanced ecosystem. What about these things on any of our fragile coastal lands? American atheists and those globally are selfish and short-sighted in their goals. It is propaganda tools such as the ‘walking octopus’ that proves the atheism fad is only just that and with enough responsive litigation to get atheism marginalized and its advocates scoffed at, we will gain grounds in merging Christianity and science, as it should be.

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