• Barack Obama Caught Kissing A Man Named Chinese President Hu Jintao

    November 17, 2011 5:04 pm 9 comments
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  • Barack Obama And David Cameron KissingShocking new picture image shows Barack Obama Kissing A Man Named Chinese President Hu Jintao

    We long ago exposed Barack Obama’s latent homosexuality. Democrats have tried to cover up this image taken from a fringe House of Lords homosexual lobby taken in London, England.

    The picture very clearly shows David Cameron and Barack Obama sealing some sort of backside pact with a kiss.  It has long been speculated that there is an international Gay Agenda to make gay marriage and gay adoption legal on an international basis.

    Our sources confirm evidence of a radical international leftist conspiracy to write homosexual marriages as a human right in the Geneva Convention.

    To pass such an international accord, international leaders would have to actively support homosexuality in the leading nations of the world.  The image to the right confirms that the leaders of The United States of America and Great Britain are active homosexuals and ‘came out’ before a group of their peers at the homosexual House of Lords meeting in London.

    But now there is further shocking news.  Relationships between the United States and China may have seemed tumultuous over the last year, with many nations speculating how the seemingly strained relationship between the superpower and burgeoning world power of China would affect global diplomacy and policy.

    The next image was taken from Beijing, China’s secretive 同性恋者 media group.  Much like anime is the Japanese word for pornographic perversion, 同性恋者 is the Chinese word for ‘hidden homosexual winds’.  China is actively lobbying for international homosexuality and has created a website called “Gaychina.com” to brand homosexuality.

    The image above is more frightening than China receiving every single nuclear code in America’s arsenal.  Homosexuality can and will destroy America if it becomes an instituation coerced onto the normal people of this country.

    Obama and Jintao are sharing an emotional, passionate kiss in the image.  Your eyes are witnessing an image Democrats will again try to deny, yet it is being broadcast to the people of China.  The Chinese have a more loose morality than America, so the image will not be so shocking to them.  The Chinese also understand one simple, cold-calculated fact.

    For every one gay American ‘marriage’, zero children will be born.  The more gays there are in America, the less America’s population will grow.  If every other Western nation follows the trend of advocating homosexuality, our rates of HIV infection and people capable of giving birth will decrease.  Two gay men can never produce a child.  Two lesbians can never give rise to a child from their own bedroom antics.

    The Chinese understand this fact and though Obama has proven himself a closeted homosexual at home, Jintao is simply engaging in homosexuality to encourage America’s leaders to become soft on interntional sovereignty.  If America cedes its right to have a Federal Marriage Protection Act, we cede our rights to be One Nation Under God.

    And any nation that is not under the will and protection of God will perish and be a hell-bound Sodom.

    Let’s keep sodomy out of America’s law, friends.  We must remain vigilent in our fight against China’s attempt to subvert population growth in Western nations by advocating gay marriage.  We must expose Obama’s secret homosexuality and making out with international leaders.  The alternative is dismal at best.

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