• black veil brides; meaning behing the lyrics, band, and members

    November 19, 2011 2:43 pm 71 comments
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    null there has been so much shit talked about black veil brides on this website, i don’t understand why-wait yes i do. it’s because they are different. because people on this website want everyone to be normal, but honestly, what is normal? a setting on a washing machine. Who wants to be that?(for black veil brides fans, that was an ashley purdy quote :3) if you can’t except that they’re being who they are, and want to be then just fuck off! lets move on the the somehow ‘satanic’ lyrics.

    knives and pens: this song is about how you have different way to deal with you being bullied. you could use knives for self-harm, or use pens for writing, drawing etc.
    we stitch these wounds: this is about we are faced with challenges and at the end of the day we need to ‘stitch those wounds’ Because the next day we have to go right back into battle again.
    perfect weapon: when you’ve been hurt by someone,”awake at night you focus, on everyone who’s hurt you” and a cry to leave us alone and not bully us for being who we are.
    never give in: self explanatory, it mean when times get rough to never give in and do something you’ll regret.
    sweet blasphemy i think that it’s talking about someone who has been through a lot and can be an example to all who have the same problems. And not believing a lie that someone tells you, you aren’t good enough, or finding the true meaning of life and ignoring what people think about you. And looking beyond exterior. And you can join the fight for being bale to be what YOU really want to and not be judged for it.
    Carolyn: Carolyn is the name of Jake Pitts mother. Just like the other BVB members as well as all us outcasts, Jake went through hard times as a child being bullied and isolated for being different to the mainstream but went through much more physical abuse than most others. He was tied to a tree by some kids from his school and had his legs set on fire in his senior year at high school. His mother went through serious depression as she believed it was her fault that they lived in borderline poverty and that was why he was bullied. I think this song is Jake’s way of saying to her that through all of their hardship, he managed to create something beautiful – this song as well as being part of the BVB army and helping other through similar hardships.
    set the world on fire: going out in the world and grabbing what you want by the trout. (not actually setting the world on fire)
    saviour: this is to all of the BVBARMY, about how they are not role models(i think they are though) but they would like to be there for us when they car, they are our saviours.
    fallen angels: how they are not evil nor divine, they are the ultimate outcasts. they are flawed, but they don’t care.

    those are some of them, in no way are they satanic! if you christwire writers did your fucking research, you’d know that the band name actually has a religious meaning to it. when a nun marries in to the church she wears a black veil, giving up all the cardinal pleasures of life. andy biersack came up with the name because he though it was the same thing with a rock ‘n roll band. just so you know, ALL of the members are guys and straight, not girls or gay. in fact, jinxx(rhythm guitar; violin) is engaged to sammi doll, andy is in a relationship with Juliet simms of automatic loveletter. and as far as i know, jake, cc, and ashley are single. ashley is a dude! if he wasn’t then he must have no boobs and be a lesbian, considering his reputation with girls. just because he name is ashley doesn’t mean he is a girl. i know that this article won’t do much to people who are already hooked on hating them but i just needed to put the truth out there.

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