• Black Women Now Getting “Brickhouse Fanny Implants” To Entice Men

    November 21, 2011 3:35 pm 4 comments
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  • Look at any rap video and you’ll quickly find one universal truth:  black people are addicted to the butt.  It is not known why black men salivate like they have a watermelon-flavored chicken dinner when they see the backside of a woman, but it’s true.  If black men would take as much time to study international policy and economic theory as they do about intestinal stuffing, then maybe they would not find themselves locked up in prison or being one term presidents.

    Now before you go trying to say I’m racist, take a look at the evidence.  You cannot have a pure carte blanc to call people names when reality supports the news I’m giving you.  Maybe you’re the one who needs to look at YOUR bigotry before you try to front on me, homeboy!

    Look at this women I have imaged to the left.  Average black man, your little halfbred rapper Sir Mixed-a-Lot says “Take the average black man and ask him lack, she gotta pack much back!” To me, that’s juts gross.  I think about fat, blubbering women with big Pocahantas thanksgiving butts and I get disgusted.  All the food and blue corn moon lentils that get stuck between the fat must be atrocious!  Imagine the underoos on such a thing.  Maybe this is why African women don’t wear underwear?

    It’s just a thought, but the woman to the left wanted a pleasing backside so much that she allegedly HAD CONCRETE IMPLANTED INTO HER GLUTEAL MINIMUS ADIPOSE AREA.  1970s blacks fantasized about a woman doing this and called it ‘brickhousing’.

    Look at that bodacious backside again.  It is filled with:  concrete, car oil and flat-tire sealant on the jubbly part.  How sick is that?  And the Associated Press corraborates my story you lack-minded liberals.

    Black people, staring at the backside is the gateway drug to homosexuality.  Maybe black men are not actually violent, but just do crimes so they can go to jail and have twiddle diddle times with each other’s backsides like what happens in every prison.  Maybe all the underhanded fanny fetish drives blacks to be homosexuals.  It sounds like sound theory to me.

    Think about it.  How did we bring so many blacks into our country, feed them, give them welfare housing and still they are outnumbered by the Mexicans after having a 200 year head start.  We know black women are promiscuous, just go to any ghetto and you’ll find most black young women have a big belly, 2 of 3 crying Obamacare babies crying with shut up buckwheat hairdos and a tshirt gown and none of them thinking about working or such.  How sick!  What a Democrat bred cycle.


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