• Bryan Blake Versus The Homogay Agenda on He Said She Said TV, The Joe My God /Goddess’ of the Silver Screen

    November 14, 2011 3:31 pm 2 comments
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  • EDITOR’S UPDATE: Please pray for Bryan. The gays are already making threats on ‘looting his booty’ and plundering the family jewels. We need as many people as possible watching the interview and praying for him right now. Watch and pray live at http://hsss.tv

    Lady Gigglebritiches poses with the P90-X toking, 24 Hour fitness golden gay boy in a ‘publicity’ photo sent to ChristWire last week.  ChristWire’s Bryan B. will brave the snark, sassiness and playful throb-knobbing banter between these two as he attempts to bring morality to homosexuals Mecca of Immorality, The Brass Rail.  Tonight is “Merrination Monday” where gays who don’t wear shirts allegedly get into the 20,000 capacity reverse sodomy club for free. 

    Hair perfeclty coifed by the seasoned hands of a typical male homosexual hairdresser, Ophelia does a “drunken dainty Momma on Smiley black’s piano pose”, trying to tempt men into taking a peak into her unholy bosoms of damnation!  If that’s not bad enough, we see the championed Tattoo-Daddy extraordinaire of backside antics Aaron posing to her side.  Their gazy eyes are lustfully staring ahead, trying to think of new wittisms to use against our moral media campaign to #OccupyGaystreet by giving a surprise backdoor invasion to homosexuals hub of harlotry, The Brass Rail.

    ChristWire has been knee-deep in the musky quagmires of homosexuality for many years now. We have battled some of the most hardended gays, braved some of the snarkiest and cattiest criticism and outlashes from these fervent fecal meisers. But tonight, ChristWire has never had a gay event on the magnitude as all are about to witness.

    Joe My God has probably been one of the gay communities leading voices for decades, destroying decades worth of anti-homosexual legislation with his Satan-inspired wit and pen. We are losing precious ground to these homosexuals and as our great former leader before me, Bishop Thomas Landry used to always warn, if you give gays an inch, they will take a mile. They will take so many miles that not even a proctologist will be able to save America’s morals!

    And that’s where we were when we found the Mecca of Televised Homosexuality, in an America bent over and accepting gay marriages and gay rights unions all over the place.  The show is named He Said She Said TV and my good friend Tyson Bowers III revealed the dangers of it last week!

    Tonight we can only pray as Bryan B. has travelled alone to San Diego, without Mike Watson who is busy fighting gay legislation in New York.  Bryan has already reported legions of chest-barreled gays lapping their lips and looking him up and down, wildly shaking their obligatory long homosexual manes and wildly huffing their nares in the wet nighttime airs of the San Diego oceanside, white powder flinging from their noses as they lust for a taste of holy flesh.

    Inside the club is no different, free alcohol and grind dancing between people of all genders taking place, powerful thigh muscles shuddering in anticipation of a new fresh face to introduce to “The Lifestyle”.  Never before have I feared sending one of our good interns on a trip like this, but Bryan is a champion of morality and with his professional cut and steadfast ability to outsmart even the wittiest of gays, he will do nothing but a great service to us all.

    Watch the show live now:

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