• Christians, Stop Ruining Our Progress

    November 21, 2011 11:38 pm 3 comments
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    As a kid, I remember being dragged from the house and taken to Sunday service each and every week. I went to a quite lame and tame private school, though thankfully it wasn’t Catholic. I’m not a fan of priest-sicles up the dairy shoot.

    One thing that I remember most from those long, long Sunday sermons were the blatant gaps of logic. “It’s not right to be gay, because it ain’t right!”.

    This was a Southern Baptist church by the way. “Oh yes, oh yes!” the crowd would eagerly reply.

    “If you love God, you’ll not vote for the guy who supports abortion!”

    At this point, the obligatory chubby-jowled women would usually have their fans flapping from all the excitement.

    “If you love this nation and your church, you’ll give to the offering to the Lord. Oh, and you’ll discriminate anything different-ah!”

    Depending on the mood, an organ solo would usually play about this time as offering tray was passed around.

    My point to the readers today is one that cannot be repeated enough; religious “logic” is ruining humanity, civilization and any chance for peace.

    If you are a brave person, do this experiment for me. Turn on your radio on your way home from work tonight. Find the local Christian station and wait for a talk program to come on. You’ll be sickened by what you hear.

    I did this very thing the other day, and guess what I heard? It was ironic in some parts, freshly disgusting in others.

    “Muslims in the USA should be profiled at will and random, because they all are different than the rest of us. They all represent a religious based threat.” Alanis Morrissette could sing an ironic verse about this one.

    This was some respected columnist by the way, mind you. The program continued, “The only way to ensure teens don’t have sex is to control what’s on television. We must not give them access to condoms and birth-control. These are all unholy things that will destroy our culture and our American heritage.” Again, with the “American heritage.” What’s this all about?

    All the blasphemy against truth continued, and they continued to talk about all the stuff ruining American heritage. So being the nice guy that I am, I decided to give a call.

        Christian Guys: “We have Dan on the line with us tonight. Dan, you’re on the air…”


    Dan: “Uh, hi guys, first I’d just love to say I’m really touched… (dramatic pause)

    Christian Guys: “Yes, Dan, yes. You see the truth will always leave the heart…

    Dan: “…wasn’t finished. I’m touched by your rampant hypocrisy and lies. American heritage in no way means whatever your Christian agenda may be. Your suck face lies be dam….(beeep)

    I take it they didn’t like opposing points of views. Interestingly enough, the hosts prayed for me after hanging up. I was having a stomach-ache from the combination of sushi and listening to their petrid words just moments before, but it did feel better. Maybe it was a divine belly-healin’.

    I digress, though, and there is a point to this. Religious logic is being used in a way that is ruining our modern civilization. Televangelists, radio hosts and church pastors worldwide are encouraging their followers to turn a “blind eye” to even considering the thoughts, beliefs, or feelings of other cultures, philosophy and science. Even our politicians are doing it. Check out this video clip.


    This is the type of crap that breeded the “Dark Ages”. So what I want to say is this. If you follow Christianity, or religion, you need to do one thing. One thing only. Break the culture of fear, breeding hate and deceit.

    Fear and Deceit. These are very powerful and strong forces, ones that leaders have used and been the victims of in times through history. Politicians use fear to mold the voting habit of nations. Some parents use deceit to have their kids behave in a certain manner (if you cross your eyes, they will get stuck!).

    Religious leaders are using both to breed a following that ignores anything progressive, or against a “heritage” that doesn’t even exist. How many people live thinking evolution could not possibly be real, the Earth is 6000 years old, gays should be taunted or other religions have homes that are fine to attack with military?

    If the answer is more than one, that is one too many.

    My point today is this. If you are religious, that is fine. Just open your mind to some logic. Stop breeding a culture of fear and hatred of the unknown, or what is different than you. We are a society that is getting to the point of being able to travel space, solve problems of limited energy and genetically control life.

    Maybe it’s time to let go of our Sun-worshipping past and look toward the future.

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