• Cop Forced to Use Muy Thai to Disable Black Thug

    November 19, 2011 4:54 pm 4 comments
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    A man was resisting the law and by no surprise, it was a black!  Why is it that when a police officers pulls us over, we kindly roll down our window and politely ask, “How may I help you officer?”

    The officer may say we were speeding or there was a taillight out, or be careful because someone who does not belong in the neighborhood has been spotted.  It always ends with a nice, friendly conversation and the friendly officer tapping the car twice to tell you to take off.  Just a nice, peaceful process.

    But whenever there is trouble with the police, either some entitlement democrat trust fund babies or worse is lurking about.  Mexicans.  Drunk Tomahawk Chief on the reservation.  Blacks.

    And today we see more proof of why the prisons are packed and they are filled with blacks.  Don’t call me racist!  Your black rapper two pack Shakur said it first!  Didn’t think Abe knew about your little East Coast/West Coast rap battles, did you?  Well, hah!

    I’m proud of the officer for using his Muy Thai fighting skills to wipe out this bone thug.  And before you try to say that is racist, note that the officer I am cheering for is also a black, but a Herman Cain variety.

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