• Cult of Apple Fans Cursed with NoMoreRack Scam

    November 12, 2011 7:28 am Comments Off on Cult of Apple Fans Cursed with NoMoreRack Scam
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  • Like a classic tale of Loki having the last laugh on pathetic humans, Apple computer’s legion fanboys were allegedly hit with an epic prank over the early morning hours of Saturday.

    Naturally oddball eccentrics who do weird things like protest with the “99% #Occupy protestors” even though they are trust-fund kids and wax poetic about the woes of capitalism and state rights from their $400 iPhones, the tastes and habits of Apple fans are far too kooky for us more reasonable and stable Microsoft types to really understand.

    The eccentric nature of the Apple brand brings in a variety of customers. Here, some Apple fans of ill repute vow to picket the funeral of Apple’s founder, in an ironic yet fitting Addams family calibre twist. Apple fans have little loyalty outside looking ‘hip and cool’.

    To really get inside the mindset of an Apple user, you would have to understand someone like Ron Paul’s political platform after you all had Happy Hour on a vat of 4-loko and several nosefuls of minced LSD tinkled crack rock.

    That is to say, you just won’t be able to understand Apple fanatisism unless you are out of your proper mind.  And that’s really where this story begins.According to various sources, a fly-by-night scheme called nomoreroack began to take fire in the Apple network of communication.

    This company had allegedly decided to do an ‘early’ Black Friday just for Apple users, playing right into their entitlement and privilege complex.  Thinking that this was some gift from Jobs from beyond, the fanboys quickly whipped out their parents credit cards and purchasing what seemed to be great 3d hdtvs, upgrades for the Apple products and overpriced songs on the iTunes and iCloud streaming networks that Microsoft users obtain by more, modern capitalist methods.

    At the end of the day, it apparently was part of something that was known as the nomorerack scam and once again, for trying to obtain cool technology through backdoor highwaymen methods the Apple community has crying fans with weird haircuts, make-up faced eyes and not working as they sit in Starbucks and tweet about the evil’s of the very capitalism that lets their lifestyles thrive.  And it all comes full circle for the next cycle.


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