• Garry’s Mod: Teaching your children how to be gay

    November 27, 2011 12:24 pm 8 comments
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    The horrid game “Garry’s Mod” is an open source video game made to leech the life of your children. This game has made many christian children and young adults turn to the unholy, satan-loving, homosexual side of life. The problem with the game is that it is open source, this allows the users to upload and create gay pornographic servers for other users to join and have gay text orgies. The players of this game have a tendency to use words such as “Minge,” which is a gay slang term used to describe an over used hairy whispering eye. If this game were not available to the public then we as parents would not have to worry about it convincing our children to have violent outbreaks of gay lingo and homosexual actions. I have found many pictures of players online making sex parties on their servers with all of the players touching and rubbing themselves all over each other in gay ways. The game also allows the players to create what ever their satan infected minds can come up with, such as explosive penis shaped cars they use to ram into each other like oversized cocks plunging into another gays sewer spout.
    (The picture below shows an image of a homosexual leaping onto another for a gay sex attack)

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