• Gays Create “Do A Barrel Roll” Search Game for Firefox, Chrome

    November 3, 2011 4:39 pm 11 comments
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    The homogay agenda is using technology again to digitally recruit innocent people into seeing sick, homosexual things.  They call it search for “Do a barrel roll” game and its a homosexual revealing!  It was Frederick Nietzsche who said, “What has been seen cannot be unseen!” and what more oscene thing can we see but an eyeful of homosexual swagger!

    Gays love to brandish their flash daggers in the face of everyone in shocking ways when you least expect it, so the image gets burned into your mind’s eye!  But I hope gays know that every one of them sinning under the eye of their GOD shall be burned in the eternal pig stye that is known as HELL!

    Seared flesh!  Gnashed teeth!  Weeping gays crying and asking forgiveness!  Too bad Mr. Homo!  You tried to use your bath rocket for a hot pocket for a man’s twiddle rompus and you shall not be forgiven!  The Bible warns all gays that doggling each other’s flesh poles with open mouths leads to hellfire!

    Parents, immediately text yoru children on their Android cellar phone or @tweeter them with this message.  #COMEHOMERIGHT NOW! DANGER!

    When they come running home, snatched their phone and all other electronics away!  Get on their computer and do a history search.  If you see results for “Do A Barrel Roll”, slap them!  Slap them with some good logic and tell them gays are evil and will cause Archangel Michael to slap them straight into hell for all time!

    Do no let them do the search on Firefox or Chrome.  It will reveal homosexuality to them and they could be turned.

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