• Herman Cain Koch Brothers ‘Brother from Another Mother’

    November 5, 2011 1:28 pm 2 comments
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    In this video, we see Herman Cain using black jibe lingo to rally voter support. I’m a ‘brother frmo another mother’ he claims about being friends with the Koch Brothers.

    If he’s going to be stereotypical and not focus on important matters, I say on to the next. If I wanted 70s catchphrases, I’d go to Blockbuster Video and look at some of my favorite blaxploitation films. I’m down with the Foxxy Brown, ya’ dig. I’m a superflied man without a tan. That’s right, Cain.

    See, if we just reduce ourselves to 70s catchphrases to gain popularity and have people cheering us, it’ll be like Good Times “Dynomite” runs for class presidents, and the last thing we need is Wheezy trotting around the White House trying to fry fish and burn beans on the grill.

    And also, Herman Cain, I see you mention your mother but what about your father! Ah, probably missing. Surprise, surprise!

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