• Hillary Clinton Used to be Hot

    November 19, 2011 8:48 pm 14 comments
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  •  Today’s lesson is for the young women of America, especially those who will be voting for the first time in 2012.

    You have a vital decision to make in your life, like once had our subject to the left.  You must decide if you will align with the Moral Right of America, leading a life that would make your parents and grandparents proud.  You must decide if you want an America where your future sons and daughters can grow up wealthy and not under the boot of Chinese oppresion.

    You must decide if your children will have to live in a world were sodomy is prevalent and gays are allowed to freely molest our morals and way of life.  If such things sound bad to you, it’s because you are a good person at heart.  Your parents have raised you with morals to hate genocidal dictators like Adolf Hitler and to dislike abortion, gay marriage and world hunger.

    But if you let a certain evil into your life, you will find it rots your insides.  This rotting evil is called liberalism, a democrat disease.  And my young friends, know that a rotting inside will only fester and destroy your outer shell.  The taut young woman in the picture to the left is very beautiful by any standards.  Her name?  Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    This revelation may have shocked you, as it did me.  Hillary Clinton is now a loud-mouthed harpie who lies, cheats and steals.  She was obviously a poor wife, as her husband was forced to crawl into the bed of an overweight, emotionally unstable intern to get any passionate gratification.  If Hillary could have kept her firm, perky morals in place and her looks, Bill Clinton would not have strayed.  But in a way, Bill Clinton sowed his fate of being married to a shrewd, racist, moral deprived woman when he decided to be a registered democrat.

    You see, young ladies, being a Democrat rots away at your insides.  Democrats believe a woman’s body should be subjected to mutilation to remove children and freely ravaged at drug-induced parties.  Democrats do not believe in basic morals or self-control.  Statistically speaking, 87% of the prison population associates with the democratic party.   Coincidentally, most people in prison by demographic race percent are blacks from rough impoverished backgrounds.

    Your parents have taught you to not run with the wrong crowds, or their lifestyle will ruin you.  You’ve seen what young Hillary Clinton up above looked like.

    Look to the right.  Here, you see young, non-Democrat Hillary Clinton sitting with a cute skirt and a timeless smile on her face.  That is the posture of a woman who stands for morality and understanding the joys of giving herself to her husband’s desire of unity.  She is a woman who will proudly stand up to people like Casey Anthony and other moms who claim their children ‘disappear’, when in reality they see no difference in womb or post-womb abortion.  The murder of babies is the murder of babies.  It is people like Democrats who inspire people like Casey Anthony and all the other “Mommy Killers” who will burn in hell.

    And that’s what this all comes down to ladies.

    Do you want your conscience tormented when the end of your life comes.  Do you want to look in a mirror and see a face that used to be beautiful person, just like you are right now, or do you want a constricting demon’s mask covering what used to be a proud countenance?

    Oh yes, you will be consumed by your hatred of morality if you do things like vote for Obama.  Do you know that since taking office, Obama has overseen and allowed genocidal wars?  Do you support genocide?  Do you support the downfall of America and all the human rights this nation is supposed to stand for?

    Do one simple experiment.   Try to find one confirmed Democrat woman who is beautiful to the eyes.  It is impossible.  No matter how great they looked when they were young, you will find that with age their rotten morals on the inside have necrotized their flesh on the outside.  They are ugly, inside and out.

    Contrast this to the images of housewives from the fifties, tight-bodied morality challenging the tensile strength of their form-fitting blouse and apron.  These woman of yesteryear had the morality intact and it showed in their inner and outer spirit.  You will still find beautiful women like this in our society.  Sarah Palin, her age only providing her with more shining beauty.  Michelle Bachmann, a brickhouse that would be the apple of any proper man’s eye.  Just take a look at Fox News, you will find an endless assortment of beautiful women and it’s not because they are some starved anorexia-toking model.  No, it’s because they have decided to do one important thing with their lives.

    Become a registered Republican.

    Now, some misguided and ugly women will appear in the comments area and tell lies.   They will say radical feminist things like, “Mike, you are being sexist and women are not objects”.  I am not sexist and I agree that women are not objects.  But in the land of reality, we have to realize that out of the bosoms of women are born the leaders of tomorrow.  And what sort of world will we live in if everyone is wildly running around, sniffing drugs ofa legalized protitute’s Vegas-chubbed tummy while homosexual deviants are sodomizing eveything in site, Chinese horndogs goosestepping on our streets while weak-bellied atheist bigots are blowing up our churches and Civil Rights as decent human beings.

    These ugly women are nothing but anarchist liars, the type of soap-deprived, lazy, barren-wombed and jobless women who are finally being sprayed with air-freshner at Occupy Wallstreet events.  Any woman who stands against me stands against the ethos and pathos that underwrite the very essence of America’s destiny and Constitution.

    If you need more proof of what Democrat-morality on the insides can do to a woman, please again look at the beauty that once used to be named Hillary Rodham up above.  Take a good, long look at the slender fitted morality that gives her an airy, timeless appearance.  Like a woman plucked right out of the kitchen in the 1950s, the site of young Hillary brings instant comfort to any man.

    Now, look at what she has become after being registered a Democrat.

    In the image above, Hillary Clinton is shrieking like a black woman whose Baby Daddy bought malt liquor instead of a pack of cheap off-brand diapers.  It’s ironic that the very people who claim to be ‘the party for minorities’ fought against Civil Rights, support race-oppressing acts like Affirmative Action and encouage minorities to live a hand-to-mouth Obamcare-dependent, ghetto-government housing funded and crack-addict lifestyle instead of charter schools and community church-based initiatives that would actually work.

    Hillary is making a typically ugly Democrat face as Michelle Bachman confronts her up above and asks why she supports the murder of babies.  We see Hillary’s face is defensive, because she has no good argument.

    In this rare image, Hillary Clinton’s expression is caught at the very moment photographs showing Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky caught in a lewd act of cigar cobbling are placed before her.  You would think she had suffered Grave’s disease from the mutilated, wide-eyed Joker and Steve Harvey love-child bug-out face she is giving.  Women, if you have the moralities of a ornery honeybear who delights in maiming the sweet wombs that carry the future of this nation, you will turn your husband off and he will cheat on you.  There is no way to sugarcoat the fact.

    You will notice that in most Hillary images, her mouth is stuck in a muscular contracted position seen in cheerleaders who had to ‘earn’ their way to the top of the pyramid.  This is what happens when you fellate the joy nozzle of Satan for too long, ladies.  Seen in other crazed fanatics like Howard Dean and Charles Manson, Clinton’s facial expressions are extraordinarily wide and exaggerated.  She’s suffering from a soul-bound meth addiction:  liberalism.  It is rotting her away and destroying her since of reality, as you can clearly see in this image.  Wooo!

    If there were to be a biopic about the life and times of Hillary Clinton and if Heath Ledger were still alive, casting and character archtype would be quite simple.  Simply bring Christopher Nolan’s Joker in Ledger’s body, and boom, you have Hillary Clinton.  Throw on a wig, but the chiseled features any gruff actor could take on.

    Hillary Clinton is just one case example of what happens to a woman who gets out of line.  Know that being subservient to the advice of our traditions is not a bad thing.  It is not bad for a woman to stand up for children and to proudly be at home with her family.  Some women do work, but they remain loyal to their husbands and do not think it is ‘their body right’ to throw themselves into the bed of any other man, destroying their husband’s trust and sanctity of marriage in the process.

    It is fine for a woman to say no to homosexuals, to teach her children that it is beyond fine to find gays distrustful, hideous and more terrifying that a Chucky Doll with a colon clencher.  And that’s where we are today, young women.  We are at a point where our society is falling, marriages torn apart and directionless children not knowing the black van with the limp-wristed candyman means ‘danger’ and not ‘Homodaddy’.

    To make America strong again, we need more women of the Right.  And we need them now.   The choice is yours, but remember, your choice is not only for the future of America.  Just as importantly, it is for the future of what makes America great:  your body.



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