• Horrifically Intense Twilight Breaking Dawn Birth Scene Causes Children to have Demonic Seizures

    November 25, 2011 5:49 pm 29 comments
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  • Parent’s Worse Nightmare:  Children Having “Unorthodox Seizures” After Watching Vampire Birth Scene in Twilight


    Parents worldwide are confused and panicked googling “How to stop my child’s seizures” and trying bizarre old word remedies and rituals to stop their children from having seizures that started after seeing Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1.

    I really hate to say I told you so, but I did.  I warned every single parent that Twilight Breaking Dawn was a devil, infested rompus about wolf-pack adultery, blood rituals and demonic child births that would possess your child.  I warned all these things and everyone from Twilight’s producers to their actors tried to shut my article down but they failed.

    Twilight Producers Tried to Shut Down This Article

    The Poppadoc of Vampire cannibalism, Billy Burke, also went on the attack against my creduality!

    Look at how the Satan possessed thespian cannot even twatter a tweet without twirling a curse from his blood drenched tongue!  The sad this is, parents believe Twilight is all about fantasy acting and JRK Rowling’s faux-Christian mormon teaching inspiring school girls to be decent people!  But all the actors actually bow before the throne of Vlad Tepes!  They are blood savoring whores kneeled before the alter cups of anti-Pope Satan.  Look at Edward Cullen’s twitter page!  This was taken after he and Burke had a little vampire blood orgy?  Is this your idea of family fun?

    Need more proof?

    Victim: Brandon Gephart of Roseville, California was watching the film with his girlfriend Kelly Bauman when he began having convulsions.

    Twilight movie goer Brandan Gephart was one of over an estimated 187,000 people having seizures after witnessing the ‘bloody vampire birthing scene’ in Twilight Breaking Dawn.  Doctors indicate the alpha and delta brain waves being seen in these new epilepsy victims match known documentation of other unexplained seizures where hospital chaplains have had to intercede with an exorcism medical treatment.

    All across the nation, people have been having seizures after the vampire birth scene in Twilight.  People have emailed our ministry and we’ve sent prayer teams to perform exorcisms on some of the worst cases we’ve heard about.  So far, Pastor Jack Gould confirms that over 4,300 emails have been sent in with video verification of people having unprecedented seizures after watching the Twilight movies.

    One of the people we heard from is Brandon, who said he started having seizures after his girlfriend forced him to watch Twilight with her.  This is just another example of Adam and Eve.  Brandom was living fine without sin, right until the female led him into damnation.  Before we could reach out to Brandon, his horror story of being possessed by a Twilight vampire demon made national news.

    Brandon’s story started in Roseville, California, after his girlfriend Kelly Bauman dragged him to see Twilight Breaking Dawn.  Brandon was enduring the movie as well as he could until he suddenly ‘began convulsing during a graphic birthing scene’.

    While Brandon’s mind was being possessed by Satan, he felt nothing.  He reports he didn’t remember anything until he woke up on the theater floor, but a horrified Kelly recalled, “Brandon was convulsing, snorting and trying to breathe”.

    These seizures are an internal battle caused by the demon of Satan trying to kill the God-given soul of man.  If you have seen a scene from the exorcist, it is what happened to Brandon that Kelly is describing.  This is what it looks like if your child watches Twilight and you let them see the birthing scene.  This is going to happen to your child, at a risk of 64% of happening.

    What sort of sick and selfish parent would allow this to happen to their child? If you have any decency, you do not want your children possessed by a demon, especially one with a blood fetish.

    Fortunately, our prayers must have saved Brandon because at current report there are no more seizures being reported from him, but Kelly has learened her lesson. “He scared me bigt time”, she could only say of her boyfriends brush with Satan’s bloodthirsty imps.

    The theater where Brandon was possessed by a vampire demon cancelled the rest of the movies for Twilight’s showing.

    As mentioned, all around the world more reports of people having these seizures are confusing those not familiar with this sort of thing. Dr. Michael G. Chez, the medical director of pediatric neurology and epilepsy in Sacramento, said the reports indicate the demons are using photon energy to overwhelm the brain, almost like shorting out your computer. The soul tries to keep its control over the brain, but if the demons can time it just right, they can take over the host’s entire body and our terrifying video above shows you what will happen to your daughter or even son if they get hold to them.

    Dr. Chez and other medical personnel say that before they are possessed, people will usually see flashes of red and black, which are the colors of hell.

    Dr. Chez reports, “It’s like a light switch going off, because it hits your brain all at once.”

    “The troubles with teathers, it’s dark” and even for people who watch shows like Ghost Hunters and Celebrity Haunts know that dark environments are better for the dark forces of Satan.

    “It’s like a light switch going off, because it hits your brain all at once,” Dr. Chez reports of how many people seem braindead and possessed right now.

    Brandon vows to never see another Twilight movie and I really hope you parents take the same oath this minute. This movie is dangerous, it can possess your children and finally the world is appreciating this fact.

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