• How and How Not to Use The Kinsey Scale, With a Guide to the Different Types of Kinsey Ratings

    November 21, 2011 2:20 am 10 comments
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  • Above is the Kinsey Scale, a measure of sexuality invented by the homosexual psychiatrist Albert Kinsey in 1930. It discusses the different levels of proximity to God, with 0 being the closest and 6 being the furthest, and therefore sinliest. There are many different ways to interpret the Kinsley Scale, and I will delve into how and how not to.

    How Not To

    When the Kinsey Scale first came out and then on, many young Men and woman misunderstood its True calling in Life. They found out about this new satanic lifestyle and, with their most rebellious spirit, chose to pursue it. This is deranged and I strongly advise against it. Their are many problems with the misinterpretation of the Kinsey Scale. It makes impressionable young children believe that the illegitamite lifestyle known as homosexuality is indeed, legitimate, which, as any True Christian can tell you, is as far from that as humanly possibly.

    How to Properly Use the Kinsey Scale

    It can be a great classifying tool for Christians. Each category is clearly defined and easy to use, and people in each category all seem to have assimilated themselves to fit in with the other people to whom the number applies. This is extremely convenient because we Christians can determine who is safe to socialize with and who isn’t. I will provide a run-down on the types of people to whom these numbers applie. *NOTE: I strongly urge you to only socialize with 0s.


    These are Christians and they adhere to the gospels of Christ and do not disobey their Gender Roles. They did Well in school and make their Fathers Proud. They went on to pursue Christian jobs such as a Republican or a Housewife or A Christian Investigative Journalist. They are married and have children. They frown upon and wouldn’t dare to engage in immoral activities. All of the writers for Christwire are in this category.


    1s are somewhat decent. Their homosexual behavior may not have been intentional. Perhaps the girl next door was kissed on the cheek by a secretly sodomic femalefriend or an intelligent Man who was treated a bit too kindly by his “science” teacher in high school. These children will often find themselves in occupations like teachers and librarians. They aren’t very devout and may even choose to be jewish or agnostic. Because of this secularity factor I urge you to avoid 1s.


    These are mainly extremely secular and liberal young people. They will experiment with people of the same gender. They may go to parties where there is premarital kissing or games like spin the bottle. The boys will crossdress or kiss each other as jokes or for atheist holidays like halloween. The girls will wear revealing clothing and may engage in lesbian activities to titillate the boys. These children usually grow up to be college professors or yoga instructors. If you see one of these I advise you to stay away.


    These people identify as “bisexuals”. These people are half homosexual and half heterosexual. These are people who chose that they wanted to pursue to homogay lifestyle but also wanted to be heterosexual because they are indecisive and greedy. These people will find themselves in typical money-hungry and immoral positions like singers and actors. These people may experiment with defying Gender Roles.


    These people will find themselves choosing to fancy people of the same gender, but may occasionally try to fool us Christians by experimenting with heterosexuality. These people will come off as extremely homosexual nontheless. These people will be very flamboyant but will also try to make everyone except we Moral Christians feel happy. You’d be likely to find a 4 being a male model or a tennis player.


    The burden of all existence.

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