• I was a juggalo once, and young and naive

    November 22, 2011 5:08 pm 16 comments
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    Some back story is needed. I was raised with good christian values, church on Saturday, Sunday and bible classes on Wednesday. When I was 13 I lost my father and searching for a replacement, instead of asking jesus for guidance a delved into comics and anime.

    When I turned 17 I started frequenting a teen club called “cafe express” in Mt. Juliet, TN. Under the guise of a christian club I met and trusted a youth minister who said his name was chuck, but to call him chuckles. I also met 5 people who wore the garb of Juggalos. Trying to figure out who they were and what they stood for I started attending Sunday “service” once again. Little did I know they would introduce me to a band called Insane Clown Posse and open my mind up to new and evil things.

    After a few months of being sent out after the first thirty minutes of the service I wondered what was going on behind closed doors.

    One day, I received a cd from one of the guys and listening to it I figured out I was as lost as the artists singing. I returned the next week open minded and ready for the next step into the void of darkness.

    They began mocking me, calling me “slim-anus” and other volger things. They held me down and beat me to a pulp till I begged them to except me. They wiped me off and told me to take position for Chuckles. I did not know what to do and scared I allowed chuckles to have his way with me. I also stuck my tongue in them as requested.

    I was scared to tell anyone and allowed this to happen to me over and over. They would beat me, rape me and tell me I was nothing till I brought them another “slim-anus”.
    I finally told my girlfriend about what was happening. She did not comfort but left me telling me if I had stayed on the path of righteousness I would not be in this position.
    Besides on Sunday, I would hang out with the guys and drink drug infused faygo, listen to ICP and kill small animals with my “friends”. I also did other evil things to children and the animals we killed. More disgusted with myself everyday I attempted to kill mself. When this was found out by the juggalos they beat me again almost to my death. I prayed with no answers and with no guidance from the lord.

    I was told to come to the gathering of the juggalos with them and I did. Here, a select few would be chosen to with the band members and their group of juggalos. We paraded around in clown paint and engaged in sexual activities with other “family” members. At night, ICP, ABK, Twiztid and Blaze went around and sodemized different people. I was chosen by the the newest members of the bands “Axe Murda Boyz”. It felt then like a honor but it was not.

    After this weekendof sodemy, drugs and “faygo” I stopped leaving my house. I hid from the world and prayed. I was finally answered and was told to leave this town and go somewhere else away from juggalos and the evil people I knew. I did so and came to Mississippi where I returned to christ and never talked about it again. I thank god that I got out. I hope this serves as a warning for those who have been through this or might think it cool to become this. As of late I can no longer hide from this because of the news and other juggalos around hear being empowered by being called a gang. I found some juggalos the other day calling a 12 yearold one of them and I was disgusted. I just hope this is stopped soon.

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