• I’m Not Racist, But Sometimes I Suffer from Nyctophobia

    November 27, 2011 11:38 am 21 comments
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  • Over the last several weeks my anger has been kindled, my friends.  In my email many people who read my work have been accussing me of racism!  Such words hurt my heart.  There are claims that several of my colleageus and I, are against Obama, because his skin in black.

    Now, those are bold accusations.  I may be from the land of Dixie and do my Confederate forefathers proud as much I can, but let me tell you what.  I’m not racist, but sometimes I suffer from nyctophobia.

    I won’t say dark things don’t scare me, because they do.  I hate Satan.  I hate evil.  When I watched Star Wars for the first time, I could sympathize with those who fought against the Dark Side.

    Any struggle between black and white is a motif that follows the book of John.  We can either walk in the light of glory or die in the blackness of Satanic iniquity, and that’s where I see America right now my friends.  We are lost in the dark, looking for the light.

    Now, Obama just happens to be president right now and it just so happens that our nation, right now, is a land full of:  murderous, war-mongering, bad economy having, baby pride killing, too sloven and lazy to all work for a living and God denying homo-loving, none child of Christ bastard blasphemers!  We’ve betrayed all that we are when Obama stepped his sable frame into the White House!  And he brought darkness within!

    Do not call me racist you superficial idiots!  The fact of the matter is that:  Obama is black, just like the first time you saw Palpatine on Star Wars!

    No, Palpatine’s skin was not black, he was rather pale.  But if you look at the spiritual man, just like if you take a good look into the countenance of Obama and deep within his Sharia law bent to Mecca soul, you will find a man who is blacker than the darkest recesses of space, a man who has no heart or compassion for this great nation.

    He stands idly by on a golf course, swinging his clubs and Uncle Tomming before his liberal elite friends, playing the part of the laid back Kennedy who is aloof to the needs of this society.  He is not rolling back his sleeves, holding Congress by the scruff and demanding deals worked out for us all!  He is too busy trying to do a reach around to Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear bombs!  With his pants down and eyes shut before Palestine, Obama forgot to open his Ali baba reading eyes for just a second to see Pakistan was ready to stab us in the back!

    Now here we sit, betrayed and broke.  No space shuttles to carry our astronauts to space.  Was it the dream of JFK and Ronald Reagan for us to have to beg Russian communists for a ride to our space station.  I would say “NO!” emphatically.  I would say, “No.”

    I would say “NoBama!” if any man named Obama was president and our nation was in the condition it is in today.  I am not racist, my friends, but I am an American and I proudly suffer from nyctophobia.  I hope you do too.  I know our forefathers did.

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