• Is Archgay Joe My God Behind This Pope Kissing Imam Picture Scandal?

    November 17, 2011 6:15 pm 12 comments
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    Gay legion terrorists following notoriously homosexual Joe My God on He Said She Said tv may be responsible for forcing Pope Kissing Imam picture.

    Terrifying news!  Catclysmic damnation!  Satan French steaming your gooch under the blanket and there’s no one to hear your screams!  Prepare for the eye shock of your lives, my friends!

    Horrifying.  In the image above, we have the Pope kissing Imam Jubba Jabba or whatever Arab name of Iran!  My blood boils with rage right now!  I can feel it sizzling my skin and guess what, all gays sizzle in hell!

    So how could it be that even though the Pope has questionable Catholic morals, that we see this image above? The Pope has closed hims eyes and is really enjoying this puckering?  Something does not add up.  Then you can see the Arab’s hand is pulling the pope closer to his lip embrace and it is UNHOLY.  Arabs may be war-mongering nuke builders, but they are usually not homosexual.

    What is going on here?  The Pope is against HIV and disease spread, so there is no way he can support homosexuality!

    I’ll tell you why.  Joe My God, legion gay terrorists and He Said She Said TV.

    On their Twitter, the gays have bragged about this image and claimed they are behind it.  From what we know, an archegay named Joe My God is sprawled behind San Diego’s largest homosexual television network, He Said She Said tv.  This cabal of colon carnality has powered the careers of people like David Spade, Ellen DeGeneres and even an early Rose O’Donnel, so their craft is formidable and deadly.

    Apparently the gays are planning to open a site named http://homogayagenda.com.  On this site they will drug famous men of morality and then make them do and say gay things.  This ‘viral campaign’ of theirs is a sleight of hand against morality, trying to brand our minds with images of fervent anti-homosexuals being bent over in steam-room thrust time acts of disgust.  We have already seen them do it to our intern Bryan Blake and now we see even the holiest of Catholics, The Pope, is their latest target.  They even disrespected an Arab Imam.

    My friends, the gays are spreading like never before.  The Pope may be Catholic but even he has a place in heaven as a holy leader for over 1 billion people.  The gays somehow drugged the Pope and this Imam, then made them do a homosexual kiss for their homogayagenda magazine and future website.

    I could only wish this were the age of Inquisition, because I would happily kick through the doors of every confirmed gay and make them renounce their choice of fecal empowerment!  The atheists and gays love to disrespect religion, so it is no surprise they have decided to pick on these two holy leaders and cause the Pope to be damned to hell and bring even more damnation and guilt upon the Imam.

    Let’s pray for Pope Ratzinger tonight that God will forgive him for this homosexual kiss.  It is not funny.  It is terrifying and angering all at once, and as always, the gays are to blame.

    We must do this now, because who will be next?  Rick Santorum forced to dally whack Herman Cain’s satan scepter?  Michelle Bachmann spiked on LSD, lusty body spent in exhaustion under the drug-induced pelvic thrusts from a taut and frisky Sarah Palin?  These are the things the gays are trying to capture on film, drugging up our leaders and taking the polaroids of the aftermath.  We have to stop this now.

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