• Is Fat-Jowled Chuffiness The New Standard for Democrats

    November 23, 2011 2:31 am 25 comments
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    Chuffiness. The act of fat-faced Democrats living off the fat of the land and claiming they are not greedy. Observe.

    The shake their jowls and spittle out grease-lard fat and even more pugnent, unhealthy lies that clog up the arteries of morality that is supposed to make freedom course through the body of this great nation.

    It is said that America has more obese and overweight hypocrites than any other country on Earth, and this is true.  Why?  Because these liberals of chuffiness.

    Take the time tomorrow to turn on Fox News.  I know for you bigots, you don’t want to give a fair and balanced news channel a shot but watch it.  For you in New York, Chicago and Southern California, turn into our local broadcast ChristWire TV News (CWTV).  You will find truth in what we are saying and also you will notice that our reporters are fit and not fat.

    Contrast this with all the liberals up above.  OWN Channel has big girls named Oprah and Rosie at the helm.  Liberal movies:  Michael Moore.  Global Warming TV:  Al Gore.  You see the trend?  Liberals are fat bellied hypocrites.  They are the people of chuffiness whose lifestyles of greed can be measured by the girth of their wastes.

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