• Is Rick Perry Teaming with Joe My God and the Gay Agenda to Smear Herman Cain?

    November 10, 2011 10:27 pm 3 comments
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  • Last week the phallic lunging legion of letterjacket gays and their Fonzerelli leather bear cool guy, Joe My God, exploded with typically sassy homosexual anger after we exposed their organized campaign to smear the good name Herman Cain.

    Democrats and gays fear Herman Cain because he is tough.  He can roll with the punches and keep a watermelon joy cheer grin written on his face, and laugh about it.  Gays are trying to become the new black in America and there is nothing that scares the Democrats more than an Obama vs Cain lineup, because liberals are natural racists.

    Now that Rick Perry is doing poor in polls, let us make him the fallout boy and protect our better candidates.  Here is proof that Ricky Perry and the gays are teaming up to hire women to claim Herman Cain findingled their unholy anchovies over 15 years ago.  Perry is hiding a big Texan secret.

    Well, well well.  Subliminal homosexuality.  People were wondering why Texas was having all the fires, illegal Mexicans sneaking around and the earthquake.  Like all else, gays are to blame and from this image it’s pretty clear Perry is comfortable with the gay agenda.

    Why is Perry standing in front of a nude image of the gold star sheriff of homosexuality Joe My God?  We see these gays are smug enough to reproduce their godking idol as a deity of their obligatory snarky wordsmithing. Why is Rick Perry eating a corndog at that exact location of Joe My God’s sin splattered mural?  Herman Cain said that the gays and Perry were bankrolling all these accusers and we see once again those aboard the Cain Train are telling nothing but the truth.

    Ordinarily Cain would not be my choice of a top, but he’s against gay marriage and someone finally has these ferreting fellaters scurrying all around in dire panic and crying with scratchy because mouth sin neck voices, like that one scene from Independence Day:

    It is so sad to see so many of our Republican men falling into the quagmires of homosexuslity. To think Perry would switch teams to just get the homosexual voting bloc behind him is disgusting beyond all reason but is fitting in a failing America. We must remain adamant in supporting true GOP capitalists who are against homosexuality not because it is a religious belief, but rather a belief that every man, woman and child has the right to not be sodomized by a wild, crack-fueled gay marriage couple on a back-lunging binging rampage. That’s the future for us all if we allow gays any more room.

    If you give a gay an inch, she will thrust a mile. Never forget those true words my friends and let us support Herman Cain in his hour of need. Spread that Rick Perry homogay alliance with Joe My God poster so more people can know the truth.

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