• Janet Jackson’s Daughter to Go Public?

    November 10, 2011 9:40 pm Comments Off on Janet Jackson’s Daughter to Go Public?
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    With the Michael Jackson trial now behind us, the man can rest in peace.  So this of course means media now has to nosey in the rest of the family, so here we go.

    Above is supposedly the picture of Janet Jackson’s daughter.   Janet Jackson was apparently married to a man named James DeBarge for quite some time and 19 years ago, they may have given rise to yet another Jackson family member.

    Now you may color yourself surprised, but I actually enjoy the musical stylings of the Jacksons.  Don’t get me wrong, I gave Michael Jackson hell when he was alive and was always the first one to promote a “Wacko Jacko” headline at my home base in ChristWire and also in my guest columns on Fox, Real Nation and Townhall.  But there was just a certain sadness in my heart when Michael Jackson’s life was taken from him by Conrad Murray, I felt empty.

    The man’s music stood for a certain era of America we may never see again.  It’s like watching an old Back to the Future Movie (Parts 1 and 2, 3 is horrible and does not exist).

    In the movies, you can feel the spirit of Reagan in the writing.  There are great product placements for Classic Coke and strip malls with Sears and JC Penny.  Future Nikes make an appearance.  The music had an optimistic flair that America has been missing for quite some time.

    It was in those days that Americans were proud of our culture, our celebrities and how the world looked up to us.  And we did that in the wake of a Cold War and Russia’s ever armed nukes pointed down our throats.

    Losing Michael Jackson was losing that feeling of pride and 80s Americana.  Just like some liberal comic book geeks like to pretend Superman 3 and 4 did not happen and I do not recognize Obama ever happened, sometimes I really wish Michael Jackson and the late 90s and until now did not exist.  Whatever hurt his legacy in that point is just unfortunate and confuses me.

    Whatever the case, I always hope that with birth of each Jackson we’ll get a new entertainer who can inspire a new generation of Americans to have good, clean fun and pride for this country.  That is as nice as you’ll ever see me be to the Jackson, so you better take what you can get.

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