• Jeffree Star: The HomoGay Transgendered Ring Leader of the Emosexual Movement

    November 7, 2011 3:12 pm 75 comments
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  • Several members of the fellowship at christwire as well as several worried parents on facebook have asked me to look into a being known as Jefrey Star. Just like many of these Emosexuals that I have stumbled unto by a good worried parents lead, I had to research this thing known as Jeffrey Star. I call it a thing because I still am not sure whether it is male or female. I know that it was BORN a male, I know it dresses, looks and talks like a female. But I am still not certain as to whether it has had it’s Fleshy Roman spear cut off yet and wallowed out into a faux Canker Blossom.

    What I do know is that Andy Beersack is the Anti-Christ of music. As bad as he is, this Jeffrey Star is worse. He, I mean she, or what ever it is, is the devil. It is the Satanic god of emosexualism. It sees all, it knows all and it has been here for a long time. I can’t prove that it is a satanic devil demon or even Satan it’s self but I know it isn’t good what ever it is.

    Jeffrey Star was born, Jeffrey Lynn Steininger in Orange County, California. His father died while he was young and he was left with his alcoholic mother that allowed him to wear womens make-up, dye his hair and cross dress to school. He soon became a makeup artist to the Hollywood stars that he made look like filthy whorelots.

    Post homogay DNA ejection

    He soon became a popular fixture on myspace where he showed other men how to look like women, shared his emosexual thoughts in blogs and attempted to get people to listen to his music. There is a reason that you have probably never heard any of his music. As the kids say, it sucks.

    He was asked to sing on a song on the debut album from Hollywood Undead, but the song was so bad that it was not put on the record. The rest of his music career has the same quality to it. He has a few albums named “Plastic Surgery Slumber Party”, “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence” and “Beauty Killer”. Beauty Killer must be about how he makes normal women look like disgusting whorish emosexual sluts.

    Now I feel compelled to share with you a song from this cross dressing homogay transgendered freak. I must issue a warning for this:
    WARNING!!! The following video is rated F for
    Please ask the unsaved to leave the room before playing.

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