• Joe My God and Legion of Racist Gays Disrespect Herman Cain, Try to Destroy Federal Marriage Gay Ban

    November 5, 2011 1:14 pm 71 comments
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  • Spectacular GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Accussed of Sexual Harassment, Liberal Gays To Blame

    Hell hath no spitfire like a lisping gay scorned, so it’s no surprise today to see legions of gays angrily sassafrasshing and sashaying all around their demigod Joe My God in heated fury and trying to scratch the skin off GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain.

    For years now gays have tried to become the new black. If you listen to their political rhetoric, it is focused on becoming the ‘scapegoated victim’ of America when in reality it is the knuckleclenched-up-the-intestines reverse ploy opposite. Gays are trying to sodomize the morality of America, trying to make us feel deep guilt that we stand against a woman having her privates mangled until it resembles a proper pickler, the surgery being shown at “Family Time Hours” on MSNBC. 

    They want us to think that we’re bigots for letting two men adopt a boy and raise him to think gay clubs, late night martinis and astrogliding over home plate when he hits college age should be fun for everyone.

    If you disagree with any aspect of homosexuality, from their rampant anal-ferreting pet shopping days at Petsmart to their desire to play Topsy-Bottoms bared in public, they will call you a bigot.  Unfortunately for blacks who stand against gays, they have it worse.  The gays are probably the greatest enemy to African Americans.

    Herman Cain is probably the greatest example of this sad, troubling fact.  After introducting his stellar 9-9-9 plan, Cain caught the attention of the nation.  At this point, gays did not like Cain because they are jealous of his skin and want to claim that their not getting to play dress-up married time is equivalent to being ripped from your culture, family and continent, thrown on a 2-month voyage across a choppy Atlantic ocean, then beaten, raped and murdered for over 400-years, treated worse than a property-dog before you have to risk life and limb and family to even just get ‘federal’ rights to exist as an equal and do things like, drink out of the same fountain.

    Or, work.  Or, buy a house.  In same areas of the country, these things blacks still cannot do and again, gays are to blame.

    At this point gays may claim “But there are gay blacks!” and this is true.  RuPaul as a center-piece for the early gay movement, but black gays be warned, you are just a means to an end.  The gays are so desperate to not see Herman Cain in office, a man who is black and stands against the scary, crazy things they do in their bedrooms and want to do to the backside of every single man they see, they have invented sex scandal allegations as only they can do.

    Gays are dangerous not only because they desire to molest every man possible, their wild sexual appetite never satiated, but also because their minds think like a woman.  They are twice as crafty and sneaky than a normal man, so their plans are usually meticulous, well-thought-out and sultrily nefarious.  It is like trying to play chess with a Vulcan, you won’t see their master move until the show is over.

    We have to be careful and do all we can to protect Herman Cain from these gay attacks.  Today, it will only be Herman Cain losing respect because we believe the lies the gays have mustered up to slap him back for standing for Defense of Marriage Act.  Tomorrow, it’ll be Cain and Obama out in the cotton fields, saying “Yessuh Massa I’s can’ts reads” while the gays are jumping for joy, wildly sniffing cocaine and throwing sodomize the Christians orgies that they force into national law.

    You may think it seems farfetched, but think of all the progress the gays have made over just the last ten years.  It was only a decade ago that Ellen DeGeneres was fired for saying she was a gay.  Now, they are showing surgeons happily playing like it is normal for a woman to have her insides turned into a man’s life muscle in the middle of the day on national tv. 

    What end will there be to the gay agenda and them trying to make themselves seem normal, like just another shade of skin?

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