• Justice League The Movie: Leaked Footage of “The Flash”

    November 21, 2011 1:26 am Comments Off on Justice League The Movie: Leaked Footage of “The Flash”
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  • In 2013 the “comic book” franchise DC will release a new perverted movie called “Justice League The Movie”.  We’ve already well established that comic books are the biggest front for Homosexual Erotica Literature there is.  The books describe all the things gays like:  drug use, characters with fantastical, non-law-abiding powers, fetish clothing and ramptant homosexuality.

    While we know Batman and Robin is the story of a elder swagger gay laying into Robin’s nest and The Spider-man is about phallic homosexual explosions, many do not understand the double entendre behind one of homosexuality’s proudest characters, The Flash.

    In the world of gay lingo, to “flash” someone is to quickly pull ones pants down and his partners, perhaps on an elevator or other public place, then see if they can  flash out a spiffy before reaching the new floor.   Any savvy comic book reader will see in the Flash’s long history, that he has a long habit of sodomizing the people he ‘rescues’ when you read between the lines.

    In the new movie, Lex Luthor finds a way to strip all the superheroes of their impossible powers.  The Flash is seen in Flash City (a comic book Mecca of homosexuality) panhandling for random gay sex acts for a quick buck.  Here’s the captured leaked film clip from the movie.

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