• Justin Bieber’s Christmas Album: The End of a Christian’s Persecution

    November 2, 2011 4:03 am 12 comments
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  • Imagine: A man approaches a child and promises the child candy, money and fame. The young boy’s eyes light up like a heavenly Christmas angel. He leads the child into his home… and then slams the door. He wraps the screaming child in rusty chains and gags him with a tennis ball and duct tape. The child then lives his childhood in the man’s basement and the man’s friends often come over and make him play tug a rug and dairy ripple. The child cries every day, screaming for his mother and God.

    child abuse
    Only you can help stop child abuse and exploitation

    This poor child is Justin Bieber. The man and his friends are of course Hollywood and the various ganged rappers that exploit Bieber like a homosexual man kicking a pregnant dog out of jealousy. They were jealous of Justin’s faith like a homogay man wants to be impregnate and spread his gay genes. Ever since Bieber was discovered by Afrosaxon overlords, they have destroyed this boys connection to Christ and All Things Holy. They took away his bible and cruelly dangle it just of reach. They made him Bed that sexual conquistadora Selena Gomez, who controls Justin through Mexican voodoo and goat sacrifice, making him pose for unholy photographs, and God knows what other burrito bopping goes on behind closed doors.

    All Americans weep for global Christian persecution that occurs everyday. Christians are the most persecuted group in this country and in the whole world.

    Justin Bieber loves America
    Justin Bieber loves America, therefore he loves Jesus.

    But today, there is hope. Justin Bieber has given me hope.

    With his new Christmas album I can see that he is breaking hollywood’s satanic spell on him. It is a CHRISTMAS album for JESUS. Take THAT Ushers and Kaney West!

    NO LONGER will Justin be used as a fapping weapon aimed at your children to entice them into dangerous lifestyles, exposing milk sacs and dangling twiddle rompus In a gamble that will only damn his soul as well as your kids.

    The album is currently on iTunes number 2 spot. SEX doesn’t sell, JESUS does! This is proof!

    Please… I beg of you, take Justin’s brave Christian example. Break your own personal chains. Throw off satan’s bindings and RISE UP MY CHRISTIAN FAMILY!!!!!

    God Bless you All

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