• Justin Bieber Being Sued for Paternity, Unveils New “Douchebag” I’m-Gonna-Get-Your-Daughter-Preggo Haircut (Mariah Yeater)

    November 2, 2011 4:29 pm 11 comments
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  • As if needing to prove that he’s that douchebag guy who wants to get your daughter pregnant, Justin Bieber got a haircut and did the obligatory spiked hair routine to go along with new claims that he is the father of a bastard child.

    A 20-year-old Los Angeles woman named Mariah Yeater has claimed, under penalty of perjury in an affadavit, that she was 19-years-old when she had carnal relations with Justin Bieber backstage after one of his concert.  The woman is now claiming that Bieber is the father of the 3-month-old child that was born after that coital concert engagement.

    Yeater is pressing for Justin Bieber to have to take a paternity test and claim responsibility for the child.

    The allegations are being denied by Bieber’s rep, but sources are stating that the child does bear some resemblance to the “Never say Never” singer.  Bieber did not focus on the allegations that he may be the father of a child but did joke around last night in his appearance on Jay Leno.

    Bieber’s Mexican girlfriend Selena Gomez had no comment on the issue at time of report.


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