• Kansas tells Women to buy “Rape Protection” Abortion Insurance

    November 3, 2011 12:11 pm 44 comments
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  • Once again, Kansas is on the leading edge of the Law. Earlier this month, Kansas legislators approved a bill that requires those who want their health insurance to cover abortion to buy supplemental policies that only cover the procedure.

    The Governor of Kansas seems to think of Women as a vehicle. He actually said “And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with a pregnancy, I have spare tire on my car. I also have life insurance, I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for.”

    Women should plan ahead for rape as Sister Susan pointed out in this article:


    I believe that “Rape” is a bad word and we should change it to “Suprise Sex”, but that is for another discussion.

    Abortion is wrong. Period.

    People that claim crack-babies and rape children should be put down in the womb like abandoned cats on the street are heartless “humans”. We have lived for 6000 years by not killing our children. We have moved through 3 different climate changes and survived in these 6000 years, so we know we are living correctly.

    Abortion was not created until the “Hippies” took over and 1/3 of America became “Politically Correct”. Roe VS Wade is about to be over-turned and being “Politically Correct” went out the window when the Blacks allowed Eminem to call him a “Nigga” and Barrack Obama let the F.D.A. ban Watermelon sales for 3 months. This Country was turned upside-down.

    White kids became Rappers instead of C.E.O’s, Black men ran for and even became President. All of these issues stemmed from Roe VS Wade. I pray this obscure law that nobody has heard of, gets overturned and we can finally outlaw Abortions.

    Until that happens though, Ladies need to pay for the extra “Rape” insurance, because I don’t want my Taxes going to abort a “Suprise Sex” baby or more likely an “NBA Player’s” child.

    Keep up the good work, Kansas. You have always been America’s most impressive State.

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