• Kate Middleton Pregnant, Is Justin Bieber the Father (Maury Povic)

    November 17, 2011 6:59 pm 5 comments
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  • Juicy new rumors from Great Britain have the Royal Family in shock.  Last month when Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William visited America, Kate made a special stop to visit one of her favorite singers:  Justin Bieber.

    Bieber allegedly gave Kate Middleton a private concert while Prince William attended diplomatic affairs with California’s governor.  There were rumors that Bieber and the princess ‘were really close’ after Bieber performed several people in a select crowd at a small venue.

    The Princess and Justin were seen going backstage after the concern, according to sources.  Now, rumors at that Kate Middleton is pregnant and for some reason, the Royal Family is not fully convinced that Prince William is not the father.  I would personally tell these British people to go on Maury Povic and get a DNA test done, but that’s just me.

    Justin Bieber has already been in trouble multiple times for apparently knocking up girls backstage and it seems he’s waggled his little tadpole for 30 minutes within Kate Middleton’s royal jelly, because the princess is definitely pregnant and William for some reason is assuredly not the father.

    We will bring more news as this story develops.

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